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David Yakobovitch Sep 21
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Our 4+ year design collaboration with gave mass transit riders in NYC and Boston the fast, contact-less ticket validation system they wanted. In these times of -19, the result has extra benefit.
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Vanessa Carter 39m
My thoughts this evening, a classic quote, "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Co-creation is one way of making meaningful design happen
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David Tapia, MBA Sep 21
If you'd like to hear about the One City app our team is designing for the City of San Antonio, log in tomorrow for a teaser! Jenia Espe, Tara Schwegler, Ph.D.
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Francesco Novello Sep 22
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S2E Transformation Inc. Sep 16
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MentorMate Sep 22
One year in, Denny Royal continues to take our design practice to new heights with his human-centered approach.
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Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) Sep 21
This! ⤵️ Every interaction is a moment to build trust. When we start by understanding the needs and strengths of the public, we solve the right problems. 🧠🛠️💞
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In today’s competitive digital economy, offering customers a product they actually like to use is key. Get The 2020 Design-Integration Report to integrate design into your company
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designthinkusa Sep 16
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designthinkusa Sep 21
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Melissa Pershing Moss 5h
Behavioral Insights by Hallsworth &Kirkman virtualbook launch. Kirkman , " & =huge overlap. Together greater than sum of parts. Set aside narcissism of small differences & ask... " 1/2
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ExperiencePoint Sep 18
"New solutions could come from unexpected places, so it’s critical to take a global perspective, benchmark beyond industry peers, and consider the experience of the people providing and receiving services." Read more:
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New Limina research study exposes what Design-Integrated companies know that others don’t. Download the ebook
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CJ "Ban street parking" Jensen Sep 22
My first human-centered design project is helping my partially blind mother organize her food storage and kitchen for her needs. Phase 1 has started and she's already happier. "I can see things now!" she said to me this morning
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Our study examined where companies are investing in the software development life cycle -- and for what reasons. Find out where high priority investments are being made.
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Aziza Design Ltd. Sep 16
Embossed on sleek black leather notepad with a magnetic flip is the regal logo, aesthetically represented in gold foil.
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New research finds a correlation between spending on systems and processes, and using metrics to establish early stage design priority. Get the ebook
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The GirlLEAD Project Sep 16
Have you ever thought of creating designs that will best suit the needs of people? Click the link below
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Ready to join and to talk about Design-Integration: The operational horizon for human-centered design? Talk starting in a few minutes at noon ET. Register at
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