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Scott Brown May 24
Replying to @KinnyDUFC
The longer the game went last night the more nervous every player got. I’m sure the ball will have a sore head this morning! it’s going to take a wee bit of composure and quality on Sunday to make the difference! Agree though, we can win in Paisley 🙏🏻🧡🖤⚽️
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steve meehan May 18
Replying to @Grimezy25
When I did that you claimed I just hoofed it
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craig gallagher 12h
Replying to @LeonHibs
I know I get that aswell you get used to it after a while
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Carl 18h
Replying to @maxrushden
I'm assuming Pep is watching this to get some ideas for City next season
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Janet Row May 21
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Keratex Hoofcare May 25
Hooves glistening in the sun! Keep your horse's hooves nourished in the warmer weather with our Coconut Oil Hoof Balm 🌴
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Rob May 21
Replying to @torresdagoat
Got the full jordan henderson there!!!!
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🇳🇬WoodyHFC🇳🇬 May 23
None of they 2 teams deserve to be in premiership awful game amatuer stuff they do know its easier playing football on the deck aye?
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Perry James Riordan May 17
Replying to @eric_eisner
Can’t build if we lose our most influential players. If anything we’ll be taking 1 step forward 2 steps back. Which means next season we’ll be lucky to get the play offs. 🤞🏼 Clarke and Lowe stay with us for another season at least. Ps The style of football has to change.
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Ryan Michael May 21
I still can’t believe how many people im seeing saying flynn for manager. Did anyone actually watch Newport? We may aswell get pulis in!
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Keratex Hoofcare May 23
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Matthew Knowles May 22
Still my favourite cover...
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Ollie May 16
Burgess got some smart passing aint he
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Jason Grimes May 18
Replying to @steve_meehan
You have NEVER done THAT
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Ben Browne May 18
The day is finally here! Stallions host the Skyhawks in Quinte's first ever senior varsity game! JV game at 1:00, SV tilt at 5:00. Games will be played on the adjacent field from the main one at the BSC due to wet grass. GO STALLIONS!! 🏈
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Centaur Forge May 24
Starting today til 5/31/19. 15% off on select Left Hand Hoof Knives - 12% off select Right Hand Hoof Knives and 11% off select sharpeners at Centaur Forge!
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Show Stable Artisans May 23
We are loving this wonderful sentiment on our larger and pendant! Enjoy, Joy! ❤️.
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Keratex Hoofcare May 21
Frog trouble? Our is great for frogs that need some attention during rainy spells, boggy field conditions or stabling for long periods. Read more here:
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Jonny Kerr May 23
Replying to @evanreilly15
Big sow man any slower he would be gawn backwards. Baw will need wrapped in cotton wool after that
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Steve J May 16
Pompey playing 1995 football here!
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