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Kay Oct 28
My attempt at diablo the demon lord on a budget
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Anime Reviews Aug 7
Finally reviewed the 3rd Chapter! Go to my bio irvindrdz711 to check it out on my YouTube channel!
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Sonero Uzumaki Oct 8
collage made by me but I am also going to draw my OC being a sexy demon for him too~ I love Diablo~~~ 💕
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Sanctuary Audio 20 Jul 18
How Not To Summon A Demon Lord is basically my dream scenario, a ridiculously OP isekai character who doesn't even need to try at all, accompanied by a neko girl and elf girl. What more could a man possibly ask for, that's the most amazing situation I can think of.
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D Jones-Dixon. Sep 20
If I were ever playing a game and /any/ type of Inquisition existed and they've captured me. I'd probably ask the GM if I could commit seppuku beforehand. Fuck that.
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