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AP 7h
Chris Christie, The View Spar on Impeachment: ‘Height of Hypocrisy’ for GOP to Impeach Clinton, But Not Trump
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Ifeanyi Obinwa Dec 10
How politicians feign ignorance of the situation in the country baffles me. We haven't gotten our house together, but we go outside and preach the gospel.
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rickie merrick Dec 9
Rep Collins says it's a drive-by & SMEAR to reveal Nunez phone number showing he was not just complicent but directly involved in SMEAR of Yovanovich. How dare others engage in the same behavior as & Pres.
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𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔇𝔢𝔳𝔦𝔩’𝔰 𝔇𝔢𝔫 Dec 9
As lo g as you have a tiny waist and no love muffins, ur gucci to be a plus size.
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Ruth Metzel Dec 10
We're all here at discussing & in a venue that is leaving all doors open all the time
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Godspower Onwudiwe Dec 8
Replying to @MobilePunch
No problem with you speaking at the UAE Peace Forum as along as you use Nigeria as a case study. Please don't forget to use Nigeria as the focal point of your speech.
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Mr. Jogistyczny 20h
Replying to @TIME @GretaThunberg
One of these children complains about a "stolen childhood"...
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gogodolls Dec 3
Fuck that reporter kang😡 and all antis calling seungri rapist and all!! Lol LEE JONGHYUN treating women like an object buy no one question him!
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Elesin’s Sister (in-law) from Another Mister Dec 6
Simon really be out here insulting his own religion
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Eileen Epworth Dec 10
It's being discussed b/c it will be inculcated into the understanding of what happened to Jewell & conflated w/ history like Oliver Stone's JFK. It's all anybody wants to talk about on Twitter because the defamed person is deceased & unable to defend herself. It's .
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Martín Ruiz S. Dec 6
Don't let people pull your leg !! Climate change conferences, yes, but elimination of famine first !! I know what I am talking about !!
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Campaign Trail Dec 5
As if you don't share the same hope. Your oaths of office transcend partisanship and petty bullshit. Honor your duties, consider the information presented, and act accordingly. The People > Your Party.
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AWalsh Dec 4
Replying to @FLOTUS
She apologized for essentially making a pun, which shows integrity. When will your husband apologize for, and actually stop, separating families at the border and pandering to the NRA, both of which actually kill children?
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Kamlesh KhataNa Dec 10
Replying to @Real_Anuj
In लोगो ko J&K का , हिंदुस्तान के संविधान के खिलाफ नहीं लगता था? और , संविधान के खिलाफ लग रहा है! ki bhi had Hoti hai!
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Afriharlequin Dec 3
The put Children of decent in cages and fosters the complex. The is an unapologetic and then has the nerve to slap sanctions on . The fucking is totally absurd. I am besides myself !
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roxanne dungereaux Dec 5
Yesterday, Conservatives cried foul over the mention of Trump's son's name. Even though he was not disparaged in any way. Yet, not one word from conservative media about this? Where is the outrage now? Is this young man's life not as deserving?
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KAG 2020 🕶🇺🇸 Dec 6
Couldn't agree more.
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Beau Dec 4
I was reminded that she didn’t defend Greta when her husband attack her.
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