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KeepingItReal 25 May 13
Replying to @UnapologeticB_
To all the people who think it matters you didn't know them..
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Stu McCallister 24 Feb 11
Charlie Sheen... Would we care if he was cab driver? Bad example. We should care more if he was.
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Oregon Native 23 Jan 13
Who cares โ€œ: Actor Adam Baldwin responds to debt limit vote with pic: House votes to suspend Constitution
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Matt Morales 2 Jun 13
I'm feelin' his new stache. What do you guys think? โ€ฆ
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Penny Arcade 4 Jul 13
A bit thank you to the people who did speak up to the waiter on remember tho xx
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Neil Hedley 6 Feb 12
News bulletin for my conservative friends: It's possible Clint Eastwood was just being a paid voiceover guy.
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Brodie Doherty 10 Oct 13
I'm actually enjoying watching my mom cry way to much
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kadinsky 1 May 14
I'm all for brainy women, but why is it SUCH a celebration that an actor has "chosen" a smart woman to marry?!
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Shayne Gillis 10 Sep 16
CM Punk just got a huge reality check
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Quail 20 Jun 13
Jesus you would think James Gandolfini cured lupus
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Mike 28 Sep 11
Replying to @Yesilicious
she needs to move on LOL
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Alice Knows โœ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ 17 Jun 15
Radio just compared Trump criticizers to those who criticized Reagan... LOL..
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Alex Chan 20 Apr 12
Replying to @milkbutnotsugar
oh, you too. I still donโ€™t know who he is. I mean, whatโ€™s the big deal?
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Emily Rugburn 21 Jan 15
Ugly crying at work over Draco Malfoy being a Gryffindor.
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stella 28 Jul 13
LMFAO at @alexcollucci for pissing off crazy leo fans..
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Reef 2 May 13
Replying to @edogfemme @enews
There's really no reason to say he's black unless there's another actor with the same name.
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yocomet 3 Oct 13
Took Cena's lunch money again...he is NOT a happy camper. โ€ฆ
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pinky Nov 21
People really think Neil degrasse Tyson is a scientist lol
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Philip Hankins Mar 12
Replying to @FoxNews @Fox411
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Wine Boy 29 Sep 14
Replying to @guardianfilm
George Clooney's marriage is the closest America can come to a royal wedding.
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