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Gia lele Amos 3h
Looks like 2 diff bags.. light on light off lol
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Professor Logic 7h
The most dishonest and incompetent delivery company ever. Yet again they have lied saying they have tried to deliver & we weren’t a time when we were in the front garden! 2 days running now and previous for it as well.
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기범이타 🥰 기범이토 ❃♥✩ Apr 18
Replying to @heyitsmevanityy
I mean it’s funny and cute at the same time because this is the first time I saw a guy who got curious about woman’s bag.Some of them jusy ignore 😂 Btw, I’m drunk today. Just got home. Hehe and it’s my Mom’s Birthday, she gave me this bag last year. I love mom so much!
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Beefcake Hardy Apr 18
Somebody who *definitely* wasn't me got a free phone recently because Hermes just left the package on x-person's doorstep in plain site. X-person simply denied it ever being received. Thanks !
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Hermes Distil 12h
In how much time did you found it?
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Though you'll have to wait until 2020...
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The 1:1 Diet with The Hannigans 13h
😂 😂 😂 Nice wee message from the local delivery drivers on our balloons
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Lauren Steels 16h
Ordered Express delivery wed morn for Thurs, Hermes say they have attempted delivery, they haven't! I was at work until 7pm and site is open 24 hours.Ask river island for a refund as I havent received any delivery and I have to wait over 19days!
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Occult Priestess Apr 16
Yes although you are Ruled by (Mercury) you are Born on the Dumb side of the zodiac that is Service to Self. The truth is simple, Circular Logic craves sugar & complicated chew toys. , this is Why I am NOT an astrologer. Too Mean & possibly wrong. ♊️🥰
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LuxEvo 13h
Authentic Birkin 35 available to buy on our website. Brand new in box. BUY ON OR BEFORE MONDAY 22/04 TO GET A FURTHER 10% DISCOUNT 🛑 (£10,000 USE CODE: EASTER10 TO GET 10% OFF) @…
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Zoë Sherratt Apr 19
I need to speak to someone ASAP. I’ve tried calling but all lines are automated, and so is your live chat!!?? How do I speak to a person?? I need to speak to someone urgently
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👑Jubilee, The Great 💎 Apr 19
The Himalayan Crocodile is such a beauty 😍😍😍😍. I love it so much.
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The Harrogate Girl 14h
tried every shop in harrogate and now two in Middlesbrough non take QR codes!!! Can you please tell me how to return my parcel!!!!
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James Blackwell Apr 14
has to be the most unreliable delivery service I have ever known. Pigeons have a higher success rate
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Karen Davies Apr 15
Most unreliable service ever. I'm still waiting for my parcel 10am till 2pm it's now 3.15pm. Why anyone hires you I'll never know
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Luca Reymann Apr 18
Yes - it is just ridiculous. Then I drive now without rain jacket, sunglasses and cap on vacation. Never again !
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Anna Cordelia Apr 18
Another game of hide go seek with ‘Your parcel has been delivered to a safe location’ .... Mrs PR has just found my special delivery on top of the green house... after being lobbed over the garage 🙄 Gets right on my kitkats!!! Oh and it rattles & it really shouldn’t 😬
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Russell Payne Apr 17
Replying to @Hermesparcels
update..... Hermes called last night, after 5pm. Then fell further down the rabbit hole. After going over everything again, he suggested I fill in a DOR form & sent me this email-
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James Costos 🇺🇸 Apr 16
Replying to @AlexisWLWT @WLWT
Let’s get with it .
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CryptoDiva Apr 19
Integrated DEX and SHARDING. Apollo is disrupting and . Mass adoption on the horizon. 👍 Blockchain 👍 👍 👍 Decentralized Exchange 👍 👍 👍 Wallet 🔥 more!
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