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Mark 2h
hey Hellboy could be one of the first movies where the trailer was released AFTER the film!
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Aaron Jamerson 1h
They must be really worried about the new because we are a little over four months away from the release and still no trailer! May I ask why?
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Dannica Hertz Dec 4
Who's for a spinoff with as in the lead role? Also, more and creatures, please.
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Movie Details Dec 10
movie trailer coming soon! Get ready...
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Joshua Adkins Dec 10
I'm watching on Netflix and am wondering when we are going to get to see you as big red again
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J-$treet of GFC Dec 8
I fell like gettin' bac' in mischief😈
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Moira Dec 9
Here have some art for once
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Courtney Payne Dec 12
Went and made this for my fiance as a Christmas gift last year. Mike Mignola's Hellboy is one of his favorite comic book characters. It was fun to draw, just a pain to keep it a secret from him.
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The Fanboy Factor Dec 12
'Tis the season for HELLBOY WINTER SPECIAL 2018
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D.J. Steele Dec 9
Just got done reading this and it is absolutely incredible. That ending, it was just something I didn't expect but now he can be at peace, at least for a little while. …
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πŸ’œ Dot Dec 12
Love hate ...
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Replying to @blubrrychu @Lilpeep
rip lil peep πŸ˜”πŸ€Ÿ
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Hollywood Reporter 4h
is joining Lionsgate's 2019 slate that also includes and 'John Wick: Chapter 3'
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BristolBris 9h
Uhhu, yeah, sure sure.... but tonight it isn't. Now take that beer already!
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VIVA International Pictures Dec 11
Who's excited for the reboot? COMING SOON to Philippine cinemas!
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Matt Dec 9
How cool would it be to have a game created by .
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Crystal_shrink 2h
My father is , the Duke of hell, so asking about is quite a stake. But actually I like Christmas holidays a little bit. Β 
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amity Dec 8
four months til the new comes out im both hyped and scared because david harbour hellboy? sis we only know ron perlman hellboy
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πŸ• Maverick Knox TWA πŸ• Dec 9
is what Abe Sapien wanted from πŸ€” fantastic work
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Adrian Tai 11h
replying again.. πŸ˜‰ looking forward to these...
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