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Park Hyun Jung Apr 18
안 녕 하 세 요 푸 앋 임 니 다 I come from indonesia I want ask... Will bangtan come to indonesia this year???.... Like meet and greet with ARMIES (plural from ARMY ... ) from indonesia or make a personal perfomance
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LadyDanita or LadyD 5h
-- How to Know if your Cat is a .
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lizzie|| 119 2h
I can get a graduation cord for just being a safe driver
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Cesar M. Apr 18
Replying to @THESUGARDAD1
Sup daddy?
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Rose Alliana Dichosa 20h
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arianne_playzroblox Apr 17
Replying to @AlbertsStuff
does the oreo taste good 😅
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ÐẠŁẸ♣ 23h
Replying to @kenzlane_
Literally every time I text
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Jessica Miller Apr 4
Started my day off with a fab conversation with and about pushing yourself to do things you never thought you could... love these two for always steering the conversation on their show in the most positive direction! I’m a lifetime fan girl FUR SURE!!
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diego Mar 16
insta saw it first
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Isinthan16deyhul Apr 17
Me watching to YouTube
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Charlie Allen Apr 17
Hahaha. Would love to see you flustered looking for parking.
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Daisy Fried Apr 17
Waiting around in the hospital for Jim to get his MRI, Maisie and I are having a war of the adjustable bed, both in it, and raising and lowering it in stealth and direct attack. She, being more persistent, is winning. This is actually really helping me loosen up my back.
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El Zipa Apr 15
Today I get my shipment from Gucci. 👀👀
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Clarisse clayton 2h
Cringey tweet, but my boyfriend is the best ever
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Shawn Apr 15
What indicator on is that?!
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태's ili ♥ Apr 17
Replying to @t__aehyngs
okay BUT!1! she said she likes this song. honestly it's rly hard to make her says smth like this abt bts's songs i've been convincing her for years i swear
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Oilpastel artist and nature poet Apr 17
Replying to @EviVintage
You r great & so is yr stuff! My pleasure & always sending u the best. Somerhings I am to post on fb 2 share with my family. They know I love pretties! One friend in Idaho said I have a princess attitude when it comes to beauty
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Richter_Scale_ Apr 16
Sent from my iPhone 69 that’s gonna be sweet someday
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Rach   🌾🎩💜 4h
Replying to @ThatEricAlper
If I sang, I would sound like this give or take. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
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Margie Jammie 11h
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