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Nicolas Clement 5 Nov 19
Got my free shirt today!...still drying😒
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Frederik Störmer 16 Nov 19
Welcome to Germany! Thank you very much for this shirt. Im proud to be a part of your company! Looking forward for your next update.
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Pablo 30 Oct 19
Replying to @48Nrth
Next bi-weekly video please. 🙂
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Kyla 19 Feb 19
Very excited to share what we've been working on at , welcome to the future of cannabis: The Next Report at
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The Cannabis Marketer 28 Oct 19
launches ad campaign to bring awareness to Good:Farm - Canada's first and largest outdoor organic crop
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Wayne King 5 Nov 19
Big thanks for 'THE FUTURE IS FEMALE FLOWER' T-shirt. Didn't want to stretch it 😜 so my cuz was very happy! Many thanks, very much appreciated! 🌱🔬😎✌
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48North Feb 19
2.0 we’re ready to go! Introducing fume labs created in partnership with . We’ve combined our high-quality cannabis with their industry-leading extraction expertise to bring you the best possible products.
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48North 29 Oct 19
We’ll be heading well west on Nov. 5th for a Latitude evening of stigma smashing, women, and weed. Visit and enter your email to stay up-to-date on all things Latitude.
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Dom 4 Nov 19
Forward-thinking with the recyclable packaging. Thanks again . Can't wait for harvesting news
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Potstockz 14 Sep 19
Replying to @48Nrth @junglejava1
Well ill be damned - There is a truck with my name on it lol. If only I was in the area.
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Avitas 13 Mar 19
Can't wait to head to Canada and join the family!
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tom 🧙‍♂️ 31 Jan 19
Feels like the is appropriate with today's price action! Happy to see this
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48North 4 Nov 19
“Cannabis only went indoors because it was illegal. We’re bringing cannabis back to grow where it belongs, which is outdoors.”
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Wayne King 8 Nov 19
48North, Canada's first federally licensed & largest organic outdoor cannabis operation. 🌱
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tom 🧙‍♂️ 8 Jan 19
Congrats , I absolutely respect what you and the team are doing. I am a small investor, but passionate about your growth, admiring your patience and market recognition as the cannabis industry evolves, and vision for financial responsibility. Kudos
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Particle 15 Nov 19
Great opportunity for someone like to make a bid for 's minority stake in Old Pal or something else in their announced fire sale of assets. 'As of today, the Company has agreed to exit from the majority of its positions in these brands'.
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48North Feb 21
Find your perfect fit — from topicals to vapes to sun grown flower, our next generation of products are on their way. For everything new and newsworthy head over to
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48North Cannabis ($NRTH.C) takes a feminine focus with new accessories acquisition
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48North Apr 1
And now for some happy news! Together with Fume Labs we will be combining the PAX era’s market-leading pen and pod system with two of our premium cannabis strains. 48North PAX pods, a new era is coming.
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