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🇺🇸Kristen🇺🇸 Mar 7
I was just going to write this. It’s hilarious how she says “no name” yet it’s not like no one knows who she’s referring to. Why hold a press conf, if you can’t even say anything? Must be the shots of Wild Turkey she had taken prior to speaking. 🥃🥃
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Loyal MAGA Apr 21
did you read it laura, or just believing this lying, colluding piece of ? hey , why did you leak information to the press? why did you meet with Glenn Simpson? why have you lied to us for the past 2 years?
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Loyal MAGA Apr 14
It sure is sacred. Can you tell us why decided to speak about it at the CAIR conference? She brought it up, she said despicable things..but you don't call her out - you want to attack because we are calling her out? You're sick
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Loyal MAGA Apr 8
very good question, Dinah. will current dems have to pay back union/republican soldier's families? perhaps can enlighten us on the solution here. or would you rather pelosi?
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Priscilla Perkins ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Feb 16
Replying to @HuberHammerQ
I find it outrageous that this woman is 3rd in line to control the country! Clearly she is not acceptable for any position of power or to speak for anyone! Get her out of there she’s delusional!
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🇺🇸❤️ASmileADay Feb 5
😳What adult behaves like this? Nancy must’ve been hitting the bottle again....🥃🍹🥂🍷She’s a national embarrassment!
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East Coast USA ⏳⭐️⭐️⭐️ Feb 3
These days, she stays busy obstructing national security but mostly mumbling and stumbling over her own words trying desperately to remember names and places....
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