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D'lorah Hunt Apr 21
Replying to @brickandbutton
OK, I read about the campaign and it is precisely where my great-grandmother was from. How do I purchase a button?
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2witty4u Apr 20
posted this, I think it needs to be posted again.
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Conservative Women Apr 21
Our thoughts and prayers for the victims of this atrocity, their family and friends, Christians of Sri Lanka and everyone who suffers persecution across the world.
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Yours Truly Apr 13
and Stand up for Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson. Women must look out for each other.
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Humberto Omar Montes Apr 15
You decide to attack a member of Congress for her words on 9/11. You post a video with her speech with the backdrop of 9/11. This coming from the guy that said those tragic events of 7/11.
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Drekhan Apr 17
Replying to @Rainbow_Patriot
Well said my lovely ally.
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Gamewashed Apr 18
Replying to @WhatNova @chrislhayes
You're hilarious. Have you seen the Dems 2020 bullpin? And that doesn't even include the fresh new faces in Congress. What's truly sad is the rabid anti-semitism of the Democratic party.
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Aunty Cecilia 🏳️‍🌈 🧜‍♀️ Apr 15
Replying to @CJARucker
Because I am going to have the satisfaction of filling out the Senate ballot paper below the line again in a few weeks time and putting those toxic, vile, bigots last. ...and I'll keep doing so to drove home a point that . Not now. Not EVER.
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Patricia McCrystal Apr 15
Replying to @pattymccrystal
Other times, we get a Hallmark-movie style reminder that we are all watching each other, and what we do in the real world matters (even in the straits of suburbia). Keep making your heart and neighborhood the front lines of resistance.
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Aaron Sarka Apr 16
You come for one of us, you come for all of us. Our community is strong because we embrace each other. We celebrate each other and we celebrate how who we are dictates what we create and the stories we tell. We will fight to protect and support one another.
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Jerseygirl Apr 20
coming out of the racist closet are you? Not going to help
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Laurie Dent, PhD Apr 19
Speaking to the best crowd ever from ! Thank you for listening and helping spread the message of Hope! Help one person everyday feel valued for WHO they are.
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Lynn ♿️ Apr 21
Today’s Making buttons for the local campaign. The people love these buttons 🥰
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PCDO Apr 19
. thank you for pointing out that in NJ.
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Julie Gleason Apr 16
Replying to @perlmutations
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Rep. Emily Sirota Apr 13
Context for the remarks about facing Islamophobia. The President is dangerous and stoking Islamophobia, while we continue to see a rise in hate crimes across the country and in Colorado. We have got to stand together to support our communities in
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Rahz-ah-mund Apr 14
Report these nutjobs for credible threats of violence.
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Liz Goldenberg Apr 18
I donated to the fund to restore the 3 historically black in Parish, , that were destroyed by & . Let's help our fellow .
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🇺🇸 Apr 20
from Jihad & those who preach & support hate.
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Ruth Costello Apr 19
Robocalls in Wisconsin, with Ivanka’s voice inviting people to the rally in Greenbay.
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