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Anastasia Sep 21
Replying to @itskeyon
Not the like this is 2017
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ArtGrafiken 23h
Replying to @KnowUrEnemy3
You mean I'm not single-handed-ly saving the world with my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
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Diana Mora Sep 18
I was when I realized the “keywords” for a scientific article are like the of social media! It only took me working on a case reports with residents and students and then taking an IG and Twitter break 🤣
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mari Sep 22
I haven’t been on twitter since 2012.... I wonder what’s changed... are still #?
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The Moisrex Sep 17
Replying to @the_moisrex
From this naming ideology to make sure ideas are identifiable, came the idea of . To make a trend identifiable even by robots. Even though computers already understand normal words and can use those as trends, but they advertise hashtags...
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ojasvi bhardwaj Sep 21
I hope you guys like and also give your support and love.. ❤️ I hope you all like this small singing session of us.
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Bossvjbeast Sep 19
and all the other live at
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IAmSciComm | on break! Sep 18
Replying to @iamscicomm
3. Social Media and Make sure that you create accounts for your conference and/or , and have your organizing committee and colleagues post/re-post content for your meeting to drive interest! Make sure you flaunt that epic keynote 🤓
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Aamir A Sep 21
I thought internet is going to be the biggest revolution we will see.. didn’t imagine with faster Internet, we will get to see worst of trolls .. trolling is a mass business ... just see Twitter .. even twitter CEO wouldn’t know how to deal with Trolls
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Katja Enberg Sep 22
Nr. 2 of my by et al. used and data (!) for assessing cultural services, capturing in particular human-nature relational aspects and concepts related to well-being.
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Karen Habermann Sep 16
This is why I Any idea where this bridge is - check the for
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Jesus Take The Wheel 2020 @jt6091 17h
To the Republicans , get this straight, no matter how loud you yell!! or are answerable to you. Your people have already stolen our !!!
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Tessa Porter y&r Sep 16
Replying to @PorterCait
split,we saw just Mariah’s side.we must demand daily that they put cait on contract again and tag the series so we get their attention!let’s wake up before it’s to late!And stop comparing Tessa with other recurring roles like Kevin,Paul Lauren etc...
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Lee Fobert Sep 22
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Tracy Weeks Sep 21
Making your social media accessible
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💕The Detective ✨| Cherry Jane🍒 Sep 19
Replying to @deckerstarfanz
Aww..❤️ so cute🤗 Don't look at 🤭" ELLA HUGS" matters❤️
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Steffi K.🌸McMayen! Sep 17
I feel like if I use , I could get more people?
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K3 Sep 20
and are rigging all to block any anti tweets. did the same on and blocked supporters. The change comes when Jack Dorsey wakes up.. we are not the Nazis Jack.. the EU and Davos ARE !!
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Kunal Sep 17
Replying to @ManUtd
Well done to the lad. We have great attacking prospect in Elanga, Shoretire, sotona etc. And not gonna be putting those cause it will lead to nothing.
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Baba Sherloc Sep 18
A party which is reduced to mere trender and a leader a Twitter troll....😂 . Hey leave while sun still has a few rays of hope.....!!
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