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Lakshimi Narayanan Sep 19
Replying to @udhayasoorya91
Advanced digital world, if we dont Beleive on trending, corporate like , would never create a term & will never give top ten, it's kind of emotional expression! Do you there is analytics behind this we can find who does this, what's their age, nationality, etc..
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Zack Baker Sep 20
Gonna try this one more time for the
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Emmaj Sep 20
So, I'm here. How do I use this? Do work? Ooh, yes they do. How do I "tag" someone? Is that the right phrase? How do i search for things? Any help, much appreciated
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Su-zii Nao - REBELL WITH A CAUSE Sep 20
Replying to @suziinao
full text: "Ihr spinnt doch" ➡️ German 4 "You must be crazy" (not in a positive way) typed into help center, because another account was blocked for nothing ( a joke, word pun, typing mistake) in comparison to all the violence & incest, pedophilia, hardcore sex
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Rob Kubacki Sep 19
And I'm back. Oh how I've missed .
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RT To Fediverse users who use screen readers: do you prefer people to integrate inside the text, or.... do you prefer when they repeat the word by listing all the hashtags at the end, after the text? Please (1/2)
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Post Studio Sep 19
I Don't Understand Instagram
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#BernieBeatsTrump #Bernie2020 Sep 18
Replying to @veggie64_leslie
Easy work around - retweet their tweet, add them, then and add your reply and re-tweet. More people will actually see it and be creative with Then people leaving comments reply to you both.
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Satchmo Sep 20
I don't think that I use correctly.
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Cataclysmic Sinner 10h
Replying to @Winning45KAG
ah, so a sign is "pushing on children", but a shitton of ALL CAPS and is perfectly fine? Shut up, transphobe
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✨Kimberly Bruce✨ Sep 16
i just found out were a thing in twitter
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Southern Prep 11h
You’ll never regret using on Instagram to find things easier or otherwise you’ll never know where to find them.
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Annemarie OUSA 🐿🎄🍁❄️ Sep 20
Hey do we know what happened with that petition thingy to and to get a little picture doodad with the Supernatural hashtag? 15years is epic and the cast, crew & fans deserve that special hashtag 🥰
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WhitePaper Digital Inc. Sep 18
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Ry Warren 50m
Replying to @loveradio44132
That’s a lot of
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Kelly Cushing Sep 15
I should probably start using hashtags, huh?
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Chasing_Grace 5h
Sorry but is the biggest joke I've seen. So many that so many tweets because they think the liberals are gonna loose again. Let's get real and stop being scared. is a real hashtag. It's a reality.
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Kim Vanuytsel Sep 19
Replying to @RnDries
😊 So honored that you used your first ever on me!
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Cm2funny Sep 20
Who no like better thing😂😂😂
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🦋 BeauCanadian 🥂🇨🇦© 38m
read my timeline , retweet have posted with several
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