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Dizzy ★ 31m
So, anyway…? I keep blocking a certain account, but they, somehow, keep resurfacing to like tweets I’m mentioned in, etc, ..
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Anthony Bennett Sep 24
Today I have filed a civil suit to quell the ongoing & that I have suffered at the hands of Andrew77r/AndyFish19/thebunnyreturns while undertaking important case work. No further comment on this matter
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Hogie&Campbell 12m
Meet the men that make everything possible! Mr. Hogie and Mr. Campbell
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IFJ 14h
shouldn't be a men's world. However, very few women can make a career out of it. Interesting read about difficulties to be a because of misconceptions and . It is time to break ! ✊More here 👇
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𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔶 1h
is now communicating threats with me! lol just because I threatened him with the police because he tried to deposit fraudulent checks in my bank account..
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lad3081 6m
Republicans are going to be left no choice but to have a carry permit just to go publicly dine at restaurants.
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Grant Hackethorn 31m
The to media protests is not . Is someone interrupting 's time or the private life of 's Brian Williams? That is what would be needed for equivalency - during a non-private part of a public person's life.
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Oxfam in Sri Lanka 16h
We are in , where the first leg of our research is underway! Meet our facilitators, who are working with a team to collect data on in in in support of the campaign!
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Lexi 2h
Replying to @Ask_Spectrum
I’ve done that. A COUPLE of TIMES!
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Ivonne Smith 22m
training requirements are changing. The blog shares what you need to know to make sure your program is .
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PinkLoyalty 21h
When are Owatonna representatives and Mn state Reps going to take a look at these smaller town issues.
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I Hate BankofAmerica ♿️ Sep 18
I have vultures coming by my house everyday since my judgment. Parking in front of my house. No humanity. This one was parked in front of my house & moved up when I went outside. Parked there for 5 minutes. I stayed in my car until they left.
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I guess he really can't help himself. It's been well over a year since his crusade started against me, but he really can't seem to let things go! So now you try to shade your harassing behavior (insisting on sharing my deadname) as me just social engineering? Hmm..
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PolBEMCath ن 9h
Replying to @SouriKim @fioladc
Because you think that of a senator and his wife (not a government employee) is ok bc he disagrees with what you think?
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Gayle Eskridge 3h
Gayle L. Eskridge, of Eskridge Law, in Torrance, California, handles employment and labor law cases.
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Chip Spencer 4h
How is it that the people who harassed politicians and restaurants know where they are eating?
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Lobna Gouda Sep 23
It isn't D or R or If a kid did something, I am a second chance believer. How the case is handled just political game. No investigation, No awareness for unreportable . If he agrees to this and have not resigned do not trust his judgment.
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Rachel Hubbard #GTTO 🔜 3h
Twitter considers ban on 'dehumanizing language,' seeks user input~move has been in works for last 3 months & is part of company’s efforts to create “healthy” conversations on the platform ~ social media
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Checks & Balances 23h
The ones that actually need are the POs that are doing what all others fear for reporting inter-department . Until there is proper independent external oversight, you should be questioning Chief conduct.
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⫷♥️Apocalypse♥️⫸ 3h
Replying to @inartic
= right to shame or criticize ppl in a speech on a soapbox or TV broadcast to millions. It’s legal 's screaming at ppl buying gas, groceries, or trying to eat in peace. ’s illegal, prosecuted as disturbing the peace of an individual
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