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PopCultHQ Aug 28
[Kickstarter Spotlight] Interview: Richard Garfield & - Creators of the New Trivia Card Game HALF TRUTH ~ "It's a conversion tool for trivia agnostics!"
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Don't miss out on your chance to outsmart Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings in his new trivia game, Half Truth - on Kickstarter NOW.
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Barbara J Poppe Aug 28
Lynn Patton fails to explain that the data she is sharing is 1) only for 1 housing authority - NYCHA not complete HUD budget 2) not current - see link above that shows Trump and Carson proposing eliminating Capital Fund for all PHAs including NYCHA in FY20.
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Geeks + Gamers Aug 21
. picks a couple brains as he interviews Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield and Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings abt their Kickstarter-funded game Half Truth!
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Leo, el jugador Aug 23
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Miro Jeliaskoff Aug 30
Replying to @CBCAlerts @fordnation
Happy to see how many people above get the reasons why put the stickers. Cheap elections trick. Why am I paying for someone's campaign who cares about money more than our future?
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S C Jun 1
Replying to @CBCNews
Did we also stop preventive burning and forestry maintenance? That might have something to do with it as well.
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CrypticCrytic May 18
Replying to @rogerkver @crypto and 9 others
Just discussing average TX fees is a . There are other elements that are important. Most people do not know the difference of BCH and BTC. Also cynics are not best marketers. Make your brand better and be humble.
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Frank Eze Sep 9
"Open Heaven" Book by RCCG is silent destroyer filled with and worse than the sarpent that Deceived Eve, when faced with Open H & snake, please kill OP first b4 D snake
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Harlow Bosworth Apr 28
Replying to @RealityTVBliss @50cent
Says the “credible news source” suck it.
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MP Ordinary Dec 4
Replying to @BCBSM
Don’t believe any answers they give you- it will always end up being a .... money talks, truth is bs
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Teresa Toomey Apr 8
Replying to @brithume
You need to watch the video. Pence was set to sign into law allowing for discrimination based on religion and only changed his mind after a big uproar that would have impeded his re-election campaign!
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Ars Technica Aug 26
We don't cover Kickstarter games very often, but it's not often and MtG creator Richard Garfield pair up to create a game, either.
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WildStyle DaProducer Apr 11
I don't feel the least bit sorry for Julian Assange.. He allowed the SELECTIVE release of the truth to manipulate not enlighten.
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let's be reasonable.. May 29
Replying to @mariaressa @RalfRivas
I do not agree with you. You have to look at it on averagebperformance and how it progressing. We are competetively in good direction. Your writing style is not encouraging, you play around words. journalism
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DMJx3 Jan 31
Replying to @Jim_Jordan
Port of entry. A wall would NOT have stopped this. Technology at the ports of entry will help.
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Carley Quave Aug 21
I got to interview 74-time winner and creator of Richard Garfield about their new trivia board game, Half Truth!
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Kenneth Kluever Apr 9
Replying to @gtconway3d
He failed to mention that part of it.
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Peter Wagberg Jul 18
Replying to @Mikel_Jollett @IlhanMN
Did he use the word Africa!?
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HamnoiL Mar 8
Replying to @AJEnglish @Benguennak
As usual Aljazeera fake news. Algerian people want to change the entire regime not only the president
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