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Trevy Thomas Apr 15
Sundays are a good time to say, "Not today." No hours huddled in grief. Distract yourself. Read a fun book, sit outside, walk a dog, watch movies, sketch bad drawings, breathe deeply. Your soul needs rest.
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“You are accustomed to someone’s continued presence, from a greeting when you come home to having someone to share your daily life. Suddenly, they’re missing.”
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Becca at Missing In Sight 🌻 13h
It’s my dear mom’s 3 month anniversaryof her death. How can I convince my heart to beat and my lungs to breathe? Words just aren’t enough. “I❤️ you, mom. More than . . . , well, you know.”🌻😭
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Nelba Márquez-Greene 🇵🇷 Apr 17
Got on a small boat (for fun) to see the luminescent bay with my son and on the way out to the middle of the ocean I thought of all of the moms who travel treacherous seas for survival to flee from war & violence. If only a mother’s love was enough to save her child.
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Angelena Boden Apr 20
Even the most intelligent and savvy of women get drawn into questionable practices. does funny things. Find out why.
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Surviving Their Suicide Podcast Apr 21
Fellow suicide survivors, did you lose your loved one on a Tuesday? The more people I talk to, the more I discover we share the same day of the week with our loss. 🤔
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chiller ★ 14m
Had the strangest thing all day. Random flashbacks to things - objects - from a childhood I don't remember: kitchen lino. Woodchip. A sticker of an elephant, on the fireplace. The floor tiles in the old Sainsbo in Edgware. >
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Jonathan Foster Apr 20
Currently making a complete hash of life.....not a shout out for sympathy, just fact.
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Yasmin Apr 21
Today, would’ve been my parents’ 35th anniversary. I’m sure somewhere over the rainbow they are celebrating their eternal love. I miss them more and more everyday...
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Kristi chamPayne Leonard Apr 20
Introduced as “this is Kristi. She just lost her father.” It was awkward for me and the perfect stranger forced to offer condolences. PSA: Please don’t do this to someone grieving. Hard enough keeping a brave face in public w/o the reminder. 💔
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unpackedsparkle Apr 20
It is only because of the time I spent in the pitch black dark of the dangerous intersection of & that I am truly able 2 the & true beacon of that I’m today. It’s because of that that I have found an unwavering .
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Master Grief Coach Apr 20
What a wonderful reason to be happy 💛✨
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The journey of grieving takes you from loving in the presence to loving in the absence.
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Kristy Parisi 11h
Life will never be the same after a or loss of a child. We can only move forward and remake a new life for ourselves the best we can
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Kim Clayton 1h
totally disappointed in the way my family and I have been treated for having a beautiful tribute sign made for the guys lost here in December. Told to keep it when it should be here as a memorial too as promised
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alex t 4m
6 months, 1 day, and I even made a joke about it yesterday. This might be acceptance, or I might just be okay now. (might have been for a while)
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elaine jeffrey Apr 20
Think my heart is catching up with my head with the knowing that Mum is never coming back , miss her so much
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Rachelle Hasnas LCSW 21h
Is Like Living Two Lives. One Is Where You "Pretend" Everything Is Alright, And The Other Is Where Your Heart Screams Silently In Pain. -Anonymous
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Healing Broken Hearts 20h
Kindness is important when it comes to supporting someone in grief. -be present -do something to help -listen -keep listening -speak their loved ones name -share stories -be patient
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Laura Meacham Keane Apr 17
People keep saying, “you’ve lost so much weight!” It’s a complement. But I don’t recommend the diet.
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