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Just to be clear here: too many cars and vans is the problem and Dublin needs motor traffic reduction measures, including , and generally cutting space for cars.
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Cian Ginty May 29
Do we need a slightly improved version of the route or is it time to ?
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We’d welcome all mainstream media outlets to join us in looking to in Dublin!
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Cian Ginty Jun 5
— Act now: Tell Dublin City Council to remove cars not trees via
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Zoe Obeimhen Jul 10
love it. So revise the Dublin City development plan 2016-22, with a draft variation, to include green space networks in inner city Dublin. Overlap between light blue 'arc of disadvantage', car pollution & lack of green space. Source Dublin City development plan
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Cllr Elisa O'Donovan Jun 5
Replying to @IrishCycle @MarketaDee
We need the same campaign for Limerick
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We’re back again to the need for car reduction measures like and looking at other cities to see that this means fewer cars, not the cars just diverting to other streets.
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Peter Walker Jul 10
couldn't agree more with that hashtag. Our Government needs to start building metro lines, electrify the entire national rail network and replace diesel buses; and they need to start right away as we are already so far behind other cities in this regard.
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Cian Ginty May 27
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Cosain Climate Jun 5
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