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Tabitha Bryson 1h
Replying to @sdmattpotter
And this surprises whom exactly?
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Leslie Decker 3h
shares seems to be doing well despite paying a living wage and limiting CEO pay
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Vik K🌞🌙⭐️💦☄️💨 4h
Replying to @MrsGandhi
Cos of people like her, are disagrees to this country!!
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💧 Brett Flower 1h
This statement says it all. “The richer you are, the more worried you are," one very high-net-worth individual quipped. Another - this one a billionaire - suggested a Labor win would be "a disaster".
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Mark Robert Coleman Apr 19
Hey you’ve triple booked the 10:30 KingsX to Edinburgh. Children and elderly crushed in the corridors. Let’s start out simple. 1. Do you know the capacity of your trains? 2. Can you count?
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Teddy Jackson 13h
Replying to @Apple
Like many of you, my family and I have invested thousands into & as a musician I’ve been partial to them but when your devices are malfunctioning you go to the store just to hear them tell you, it’s nothing we can do- buy a new one- it just doesn’t feel right
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David Draper 🌹🌹 Apr 19
Replying to @LittleDavey1978
Exhibit D. The rich fat cat capitalist. This man has threatened to leave the country if Corbyn gets into No10. Its because he will have to pay more tax, but will still be a multi multi millionaire. He is in the top 1% hierarchy in the establishment.
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TypicalPlan Apr 20
What happens when you keep building super-tall with a few metres between them on a coastline in and a minor hits. Curious for the next proper typhoon.
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Lance Roberts 18h
ICYMI: The REAL INVESTMENT REPORT is OUT! The Fear Of Missing Out!. A look at the market and the one investing mistake which repeatedly cripples investors over time.
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Susan DayH Apr 20
Replying to @ericgarland @GOP
This pic represents the grotesque nature of our current . 👇🏼
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deviled3gg 1h
The things that divide us will be mankind's downfall. Too much and in we all lose
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Anthony Rhead 8h
In the darkness, out of site, money driving in contempt, underbelly with a shine, inside the opium den!!
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Twinny 13h
Would you work for 50p an hour less, same job, same hours? Us working lads, know the answer ?
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beachlover Apr 20
Top rated city to live allowing unlicensed businesses to promote drug use. So much for family values?
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Jeff Ferrell, MSW Apr 20
It's all about the money. Follow the money
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Kevin Jorczak 15h
Vue and the only ones that lose are your customer's.
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Jeff Ferrell, MSW 11h
Replying to @SassyKadiK @mapnotes
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Se7en Boxing scene:
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Asobi Seksu 9h
Well what do we expect from ? This is an airline that recently bumped a middle school teacher who was a chaperone on a school trip.
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🍑SubstanceVsStyle 17h
Replying to @kelly2277 @Twitter
Whoop, there it is! in a nutshell - next up
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