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Michelle Feretos 36m
Lol... I tweeted this right before & brought it up!!!
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Joseph יוסף Kwaghe Aug 23
Everyone has the will to succeed , but only few have the guts to fail. If you still dont get the message, then your mindset needs a new level of growth.
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amyfriedman 2h
Replying to @MalcolmNance
When he started asking why he had to go to the G7 I had the same thought.
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RimaSukhadia 13h
Manohar Parikar Sushma Swaraj Arun Jaitely 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 God please stop... we need good people more than you. 🇮🇳 Will always be remembered for their good deeds and integrity to serve the nation.
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Michelle Usry Aug 22
Replying to @Dice_Dice_Baby_
Omg, I literally just wondered this aloud at game night last week and everyone acted like I was nuts!
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Mehdi Hasan Aug 19
I've literally just filed a piece on this. Coming to an site near you!
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Robert Strickland 4h
Replying to @willuminati201
I just tweeted that before I read this. Haha
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Mabensa Aug 21
I love Nigeria with all my heart but I hate injustice, marginalization, and inequality
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Noel Aug 20
Look who was twinning today at CES!!!
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グラハム・スミス® 8h
Replying to @elacha123
Do you know what's funny.... I saw him signing autographs and having pictures taken with QPR fans and I said to someone is that El Tel rather than Terry Venables? 😂🤣😂
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Michelle Paleafico 11h
Replying to @BrandonGowton
So weird, I watch Brandon Graham strip-sack Tom Brady when Im having a bad day 🤷🏻‍♀️😁💚🦅
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meredith 6h
Replying to @CSchwabby77 @netflix
Seriously? I was just about to tag you this on FB!!!
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Marc Farzetta Aug 23
Replying to @Hockeyjunkie88
Haha hey! Ur quote is off! “Velasquez should be in [ ] bc he didn’t actually say his name!🤣
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Dan Jewell 7h
Replying to @DavidEasson
I used that exact word when I saw it
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Seth Bondroff 10h
Replying to @jeremybalan
Me too!!
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Highway in the Sky Aug 23
Replying to @imagineeringdis
Better than my attempt 😂 Your version lines up perfectly. I like the park name there as well!
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Eloise Weidner Aug 23
Replying to @masnKolko
I said the same thing!
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🇮🇱exaggerated photography 15h
That’s my pick too!
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🇺🇸 Liz 🇺🇸 14h
That's what I thought!
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Maya 18h
Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people
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