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Graham Bell Sep 12
I wish the Chinese would steal the IP to make decent fucking valves suitable for offshore service.
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Helen Middleton Sep 12
UK Ministry of Defence to leverage 3D printing in new security approach via capable of producing at scale and the only NGI Verified Producer#UKmfg
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Martin Budd 2h
Unlocking thousands of new materials | Engineer Live
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Adrian Nixon Sep 18
Two Percent reduction in Global possible using in
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Salomon Farin Sep 18
Replying to @SalomonFarin
This is a test for metal property to us now because of me.
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Gratomic TSX.V: GRAT 18h
40 ways graphene is about to change your life
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The University of Manchester Graphene Sep 18
The perfect atomic sieve. University of Manchester researchers have found that can separate protons from all other ions
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- fuel cell catalysts show superior stability over bulk platinum
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Neil Humphrey Sep 19
Science never stands still. Until recently we thought that was the thinnest material on the planet. Today I can confirm that it is actually the toilet paper on
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15 years of electronics
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Mary-Jane Owen Sep 19
In what could be a breakthrough for , , & navigation technologies, researchers in Sweden have developed the smallest accelerometer yet, using the highly conductive nanomaterial, .
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Sergi Abadal Sep 18
Come to in Dublin! It's next week. For the researchers interested in nanocommunications, molecular and bio-inspired communications, antennas, networks...
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Praveen Gajjala Sep 13
New health monitors are flexible, transparent and graphene enabled via
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Nanocarbon Group Sep 12
On the Suitability of Raman Spectroscopy to Monitor the Degree of Functionalization by Diazonium Salts
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Salomon Eli Farin Sep 18
Replying to @SalomonEliFarin
That Graphene and phosphorous is the most basic Graphene dot configuration possible. Make it. It is a 2 component 7 step process.
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💛💙❤️Milena💜💜💜 Sep 12
Replying to @MilenaVzlaLibre
is the lightest and at the same time strongest material known. It was discovered a few years ago by scientists at the Univ of Manchester and if u have not heard of it you soon will 👍👍
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Haydale 4h
The Haydale team are packed and ready for , drop us a message if you'd like to hear more about our composite solutions
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ARCGrapheneHub 7h
Looking forward to being a part of this fantastic conference!
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Annick Garrington 20h
Free 35 min : Thursday 3 October 2019 Is The Tipping Point For Graphene Commercialisation Approaching? 3 sessions to choose from
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