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Rohit 19h
Are you hiring interns as well? I would love to work on and
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Hungry Bear Studio 🐻 Apr 19
There are so many ways to configure it. You could also use a CMS like to store and load your products via then use a chekcout service like to handle the payment
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Carlos Rufo 6h
folks, has anyone tried 'args checking' with CustomScalars & SchemaDirectives? As GraphQLScalarType.parseValue, is been executed before SchemaDirectiveVisitor.visitArgumentDefinition.resolve, is there any way to get the original input when resolving it? cc/
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Jerome Estiller 21h
Replying to @treehouse
, and using it in back end with Express, and Docker.
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linghaolin Apr 20
Day20&21: had a bad stomach flu, and rest for the week. Just went back work, use GraphQL wrote a temporary server, so I can fetch data more specifically, and connect each groups of data together.
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LucasNSantos 🚫 17h
. Go or Rust decision. After spending a long period studying to decide which new language would be interesting to add in my skills, I was between Go or Rust.
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David Foster 12h
provides a way to write a bulk query/update over objects from a virtual relational data store which may be spread across multiple physical data stores or services.
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Freddy Priyatna 4h
we are glad to announce that our morph-GraphQL paper ( resolvers generation from mappings) has been accepted for
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Divya Mathur 22h
Rd-3 d-21,22,23,24 -Completed problem solving and patterns section with optional challenges in Colt Steel's course. -I've coded most of my new API but come across issues with mutations on nested objects. 😅
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Rajnish Katharotiya Apr 20
Are you a fan of ? Here I found something really cool open API in while reading an article and it gives all info about every character. Use it for . 🙂
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Ryosuke 8h
Replying to @whoisryosuke
It really simplifies the development workflow when I can add new data point to the backend effortlessly and have it exposed immediately in endpoints ⚙️⚡️ It's even better when and it's plugins aggregate my into and make querying data more accessible 👌♻️
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Zach Schneider 15h
📝 Elixir, Phoenix, Absinthe, GraphQL, React, and Apollo: an absurdly deep dive -- I built a toy social media web application and then wrote 7500 words about it.
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Blaize D'souza Apr 20
GraphQL: Core Features, Architecture, Pros, and Cons via
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Matt 13h
So I've finished the and while it has poked some serious holes in my knowledge it's been an interesting insight into and . More learning is needed before I put anything serious together though.
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AWS Amplify 17h
Don't miss our Live Series: "Build On Serverless" starting April 24! and others build a full-stack app powered by and REST APIs w/ and API Gateway. Great use case with both APIs working together.
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Domitrius Apr 19
Anyone with some and experience mind answering some questions??
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Prashanth HN Apr 17
My colleague is a Serverless native, his first job is with me and we are completely Serverless. It became super hard for him to digest when I told most servers are not Serverless and you have to maintain those servers!
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ᐸGerardSans/ᐳ😉🇬🇧 18h
Replying to @gerardsans
It seems that from "GraphQL and REST technologies compared" table. These are maybe not part of the GraphQL spec but are definitely available to everyone. Maybe this is a good discussion to include these on the spec? 📂 File Upload ↩️ Web Caching
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karthic Rao Apr 19
Tickets booked for ! Excited to be able to catch up and other speakers and the community at the conference
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Laravel Tutorial 27m
Why GraphQL is the future of APIs? ☞
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