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ॐ Rouzan Sep 17
Replying to @RuthlessLQ
My favorite thing about you was that you watched these shows! Used to hit each other up every Thursday “you seeing this shit?!” Lmao
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A-Game (The Raptile) Sep 16
Where I'm from u were outcasted if u tried making hip hop. There was no venues to showcase your skill, nobody on the corner slangin their CDs. Everyone was fishing/skating and/or getting high/drunk. I networked with all the artists I know and work with now, thru AIM.
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gbaby.. Mar 9
baw i miss the shack & shrine parties..
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Deanna Bagley Aug 20
I wholeheartedly believe in this...when I started 20 yrs ago, we were not restricted. This sparks my creative side to figure out how to meet codes while providing comfy flex space.
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DeLana Harvick Aug 22
✋🏻 I did. I used to watch daddy race on top of our cube van. Our 4-door caprice classic almost didn’t make it up the track & through the gate once. Thought we’d be stuck inside Bristol forever. 😂
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Beverly A. Pekala 5h
Ha. Nope, no kolachkys at that place. But boy oh boy it was a great job.
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Trynna Make A Way 23h
Some Of Y’all Teenagers Will Never Know What The Dates September 26- until Oct 6th or however the dates Planned Out Meant To A Kid In Richmond When The Fair Was At The Raceway 😭😫 😤
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VeeDub 5h
Hey . Remember playing with me on Flurry? Come play with me on
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Ronda Pohner, M.ED Jul 26
Replying to @edison_school
Yay! Very proud of him!! He also was a member of the Edison Drumline and my best trombone player! He competed against Mr. Smith In a Fun Friday Activity.
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M¡å🍍 May 1
Replying to @CaileyLeahy
We’re not allowed to fall asleep in the media center anymore. If you wanna talk it has to be in a soft voice. If you want to eat you have to go to the dining hall. Fowler is gone. Nothing is the same :((
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Will Sparks Feb 22
Replying to @MAHS_Carpenter
I remember this like it was yesterday
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Kris Pierrot May 5
Replying to @DanCrenshawTX
Three co-equal branches of government. The Constitution and other laws of the land apply to all. The country is the moral compass for the rest of the world.
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Kelsey Eayrhart Mar 21
This weather makes me miss day drinking pitchers of beer on Spec’s patio... ☀️🍻
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Rainnaa 👸🏽 Apr 23
i’ll never forget the year i wanted/got a white tankini like Sharpay’s on HSM 2 lmaooooo a moood.
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RINDOG🦍🚫❤️ Sep 16
Ain’t nun like me and my niggas checkin niggas in the new dorms parking lot at 1 a.m at Alcorn😂😂😂
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Ron Parker Mar 28
I was there on P Squad to lol 😂
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A Taylor Sep 12
Replying to @90sWWE
Damn, I Remember this
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Cherry Lifesaver Q_Q Sep 17
Ctfu I hear you, especially when you don’t wanna be bothered with calls from anyone. I used to threaten to terminate my line with them when the cell phone was off..I’ve gotten a few free months from them
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shqype Sep 18
Watching these girls try double dutch rope takes us down memory lane.
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THE Matt Stephenson Feb 14
How was last year on hallway 3 AKA “Lovers Lane” 😂
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