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Johan Venter 30m
thank you for a great Easter Monday lunch. Well done to VIP services.
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Albsure 2GetitRite 14h
Replying to @kylegriffin1 @FoxNews
Make sure you get that video out to all the mainstream media especially That's if they don't already have it. Once .
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J.A. Apr 20
Replying to @cinge14 @PS360HD2
Oh, I had stuff to do if you want the victory I'll give it to you though 🍪
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Meredith Greer Apr 5
Tell your medical student/intern/resident “good job!” today! Two small words can make all the difference! Tag someone to pass on the positivity! Happy Friday!
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Eric Senohrabek Apr 20
Replying to @JSportsnet @Senators
Two former
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Rick Mercer Apr 4
I've got to say I love the CBC Gem streaming service. I can stream the evening news from NL every evening and tonight I get to watch the Alberta leaders debate. (7:30 ET )
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Caravan Chronicles 3h
Just as you thought you’d finished… 2nd trip with trailer to the re-cycling centre. Impressed to read a sign that said last month the centre reached 99% re-cycling, 1% landfill.
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DrayLab Apr 5
Hi peeps! The has been very silent on Twitter. Mostly due to our half-the-globe move. But we've had great successes this week! #1:you can now call Romain Dr Tropee He's writing a fab paper ATM and will be looking for postdoc soon
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SuperCoderBot 7h
• “We choose what holds us back and what moves us forward” -Master Splinter
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𝑹𝒂𝒆𝒅 | ﮼رائد 17h
Replying to @Rahafhelmi
Patient's Health always comes first 😅👍🏼
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Marion B 23h
Had a lovely time at the Great Missenden Food Festival yesterday. We were very impressed with the response of staff when a child went missing. All staff mobilised quickly to find her, car park shut, public on the lookout & within minutes she was found
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kells Apr 20
Replying to @Eminem
keep it up...
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Anibal Reyes 16h
paying a ton of money for (apparently) best internet service ( there is nothing else in the area) and every day from 4pm to 6pm the internet takes a dump and it doesn’t work. I already have it timed. That’s 60 hours every month without service...
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MDplusthree🎈 Apr 21
Replying to @JPooleSmith
🐝Probably just exhausted wee 🐝.. I always leave a wee teaspoon of water beside any bees I find in the house or garden. Does the trick! 🐝
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Pierre Bellemare Apr 19
Replying to @MapleLeafs @AM34
This clip is visual proof the war room and refs aren’t out to get you. That was clear contact on Rask as Hyman lost his balance and bumped into Rask.
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ZionGrill's SJG Apr 20
Picked these up yesterday on Prime and was so pleased on the sound and deep bass.....another one's coming today!
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Emily Strips Apr 12
Have you ever read the yelp reviews of your strip club? It’s hilarious! My favorite is the guy complaining “Don’t go here on day shift. They will suck all of your money.” Like, hello! That means you had a good time. You were having so much fun that you overspent.
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Leroy Sané Mar 30
Next win in the pocket 🔥⚽️🔥
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Ibies furniture ltd Apr 5
New logo for ibies furniture and interior decorations limited love the logos logo designed by
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Guido Bosbach | ZUKUNFTheute Apr 11
macht nen good job beim Buch Launch Event von /
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