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Jaki-Grandma in Tech Jun 15
Last night and the night before that ...
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Coolkeedinc Jun 9
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Jaki-Grandma in Tech Jun 9
One Tree Can Start A Forest | One Smile Can Start A Friendship | Be That One Today - Take Positive Action
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Good works are links that form a chain. Do not wait for leaders, Do it alone or person to person -
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Jaki-Grandma in Tech Jun 11
It's not the size of your wallet that counts - it's the size of your heart :)
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ignitebermuda Jun 11
Congratulations Sargasso Sea Bda on your award as Bermuda's Best in Food/Dining - Delivery App. We are thrilled for you and delighted to be a part of this journey with you.
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Jayesh Tejwani Jun 14
& group is privileged to have the as the judging panel for tomorrows Hackathon. Do not miss the chance to meet them in person If you are still thinking then just !! RSVP:
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Lou Imbriano Jun 11
Big weekend for ~ High School graduation and Lax State Champs!
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The STRIVE Jun 8
There is no day harder than today to fight for your dreams. Fire it up anyway!
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.ng, is a platform made available for and other to use, as they meet to share -working_space, with state-of-the-art-facilities, and learn from business , , , etc., with a view to .
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goose Jun 14
What are YOU doing this weekend??
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goose Jun 10
Herd mentality. Your “friends” will try and keep you down to not lose you. Misery loves company. Find your right herd. The ones that want to explore and do more shit. Not the ones that just complain
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Louis Girardi®️ 31m
Pallotta che parlava male del Milan😂😂😂😂😂😂 Totti ha messo a nudo Pallotta. società imbarazzante con tifosi più imbarazzanti che hanno avuto il coraggio di parlare sul Milan il club italiano più glorioso della storia.
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Virginia Pacheco 💚 20h
Así está el Cerro para el 1er partido de la tarde Juegan v s por el 3er y 4° puesto
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José Egea 14h
Pues nada, ya tenemos lo que buscábamos: una sociedad fracturada y en riesgo de Balcanización. Gracias y un crack también. Dejasteis todo atado y bien atado. Espero que los que tiene palco en el Palau estén orgullosos de su obra.
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ljndrpapi Jun 10
El regaloneando 🐱😍
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dEepzoNe Jun 9
Lotito impietrito in tribuna al Penzo
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SpudAzz_ 🐍🏴‍☠️ Jun 8
Replying to @Roberto21083522
Il presidente più cazzuto di sempre
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dade494 16h
Quanto rosica 😍😍😍💦💦💦
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Matteo Favero Jun 16
Salvini e Di Maio avevano raccontato agli italiani che con un nuovo parlamento europeo a trazione sovranista sarebbe cambiato tutto. Anche in questo caso... sbagliano. (Ps: gli ambientalisti hanno più seggi dei nazional-populisti. ).
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