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SavageJoyMarieMann🌹 3h
I’m STILL waiting for and to put their sanctimonious attitudes aside and condemn all the hate we’re getting.
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Damien Donnelly Feb 26
Under the bloom of the botanics... A day out in WORDLESS WEDNESDAY; NATIONAL BOTANICAL GARDENS, DUBLIN
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This Impeachment thing WONT look good on my Resume Feb 26
A typical case of Youd think he would be smarter than to bring up sex harrass charges when he had to pay a fortune to keep his job And it wasn't the first either!
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Rich Mills 5h
Wow you people are just not good people.
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john sheppard 3h
Replying to @tauhenare
Hmmm but who do we have??
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Tom Johnstone 🇦🇺🇪🇺 Feb 26
Replying to @AllenFrancesMD
It’s not exactly as if “traditional” psychiatric diagnosis has done such a stellar job itself. How many years did it take for things such as homosexuality to be removed from the DSM? How many DSM categories have been validated as actually being categories?
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phqe phqer Feb 26
How about we get priests to stop lusting after the children in their congregations and care? Just saying
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Terrie Feb 25
Curious Josh- did you publicly voice disapproval of BHO commenting on “stupid police- let’s go get a beer” or “ Trevon looked like my son” - or even - “bring jobs back with shat- a magic wand?”
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Naveen Eipe Feb 25
Replying to @drphiliplee1
Or keep their clothes on, at all times!
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DepLAURAble Trump🇺🇸Lovin’ VRWCer Feb 26
Replying to @HillaryClinton
You mean like your husband did? 🙄
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Diara J. Feb 24
This whole Bloomberg thread is a prime example of the proverb 🙄 Bernie Folks ain’t havin it
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Go Australia 22h
Replying to @BabsNation @Peter_Fitz
In his massive Neutral Bay house on 4 house blocks with tennis court, extensive gardens, pool, no solar panels and massive place on Central Coast at Mr White too.
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Rodney Showmar 15h
Hmmm...imagine that! Fix your own playing field before you start trashing ours.
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Todd 7h
Replying to @GophersForever are so cool...where is the axe? Where were you when I was celebrating in TCF? Lots of empty seats. the way your best prospect had a similar issue... Rodent
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Marc Littlejohn Feb 25
In the red zone... views from above and below ( check pages ) @ Elara, A Hilton Grand Vacations Club
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sleestack68 Feb 25
She’s just jealous that she stays up all night weighting HER talking points on her wrists but doesn’t leave room for things like the names of her “good friends” and leaders of nations.
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J_to_the_Deezy 11h
Replying to @bhudson_nz
Love that this government threatens the fuel companies when they’re the ones who’ve added majority of the cost to the consumer to fuel by way of tax...
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Not Followed By Anyone You're Following! Feb 26
All these people making blanket statements speaking in absolutes about political regimes being semi-totally good or totally, horribly bad... 🇺🇸
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Dude, My Dog Ate It! Feb 24
... Susan Rice: Acting DNI Grenell a ‘Hack and a Shill’ — ‘One of the Most Nasty, Dishonest People I’ve Ever Encountered’ via
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Bill Nelson 14h
Not that disrespecting anyone is appropriate but seeing you brought it up. Have a coffee with Jody Wilson Raybould sometime and she can remind you of how the Liberal Party respected her.
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