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Victoria Smith Jun 18
Did Maura just quote girl code? 🤔😳😂 ? 🙌🏝️😂
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Amy P 2h
Mmmm Maura and a case of double standards...sure we've had this issue before!
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Sarah Parker 1h
Can't wait to see Amber & Anna gun for Danny tomorrow night 🥊👯‍♀️
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mj Jun 18
If your friends ex is hitting you up you tell your friend especially if she’s your bestfriend!!!
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Sarcastic Salma Jun 23
Yesterday a guy I barely know asked me why would a girl block him on Instagram for being nice. So I blocked him too.
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lolaparkhurst Jun 18
Rate amber for going up to lucie
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SteveBorham Jun 19
Replying to @Dani_MasDyer
Don’t you think she’s a bit snakey?
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Zachary van Bergen Jun 20
Replying to @anitasarkeesian
is really needed, girl power!!!
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B. Jun 17
so there’s this celebrity that i had a HUGE crush on. he’s an actor & his girlfriend is a model. i follow her on IG, too, and today i replied to her story and she actually responded and we had a full blown convo. now i can’t and don’t have a crush on him because .
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Carly Jun 16
I had to unfollow Alex on insta bc his stories genuinely piss me off for 🤷🏻‍♀️
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cheating beety Jun 23
1. Yewande should have been more forward with Danny 2. Danny should not be speaking about her behind other girls back 3. And Arabella!? Every heard of something called ??? There I said it 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️🤫🤫
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🦇 Jun 17
: don't comment on how hot your friend's (or any girl) boyfriend is more than once. That's hella disrespectful.
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porsh 20h
Replying to @anguhlol @eTuxster
i am so upset with you..... really doesnt exist anymore huh.
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megann b Jun 15
If you’re Joshs friend just know you aren’t my friend and I’m snitching if you cheat 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Kristen Pearson Jun 18
Find yourself a best friend that cheers for you the way that Anna does for Amber 👯
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Sierra Barnhart Jun 19
Replying to @towe_chris
Agreed but I’m the type of girl that’s always in awe of the wife. Like you go girl!
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Jessie B Jun 23
So... you might wanna ask around with a couple of y’alls “friends” 😴🤒
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LisaLovesLoveIsland Jun 18
So everyone noticed Amy cheering for Molly and Tommy yeah? Get off her back now!
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Amaya 🌻✨ Jun 22
If you a ex of my friend or ANYBODY I’m cool with, you an ex to me too. Don’t try to communicate with me, WORD ✊🏽💀
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DIOR Jun 17
Replying to @Naairah101
bitch im not 😭😭,
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