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Rachel Ludwig 11h
Today, I did not have the tine to 🏋️‍♀️ workout in the am, so I got it in at 10:15pm. It doesn’t necessarily matter when you show yourself some love, what matters is that you do everyday!
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Jk wash 3h
MPs reject Brexit bill timetable 🤦‍♂️ 🗳
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North Vic GPS Sep 23
Busy day today with the apprentice, smashed out 2 installs, AFX 8010 using GFX-750 EZ-Pilot pro tlaking to the Pro600 on Rangepoint RTX & a John Deere 6190R with GFX-750 CAN Autopilot, Field IQ with Rangepoint RTX and NextSwath end of row turn function.
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Yorkshire farmer Sep 21
Drilling winter barley to this classic
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Karen Costa Sep 25
Setting a goal to get this online FYE chapter to by Friday afternoon.
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Barbara Finger Dec 21
Replying to @senatemajldr
Do whatever it takes.
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drake Jan 17
Replying to @camdyn_
all 2k19
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Diamond Lil Apr 2
Replying to @mitchellvii
Hello the Mexican government will cave in no time
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ooraahh Jan 3
Replying to @ooraahh
...each side can then claim a victory: the org (win now intent w/net savings) & plyr (max aav appearance)...
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Replying to @MJBIS
MUZZA ..... have u sent that hooker yet son? got to bro so i can get back to doing more form to find more winners so you can buy me another one tomorrow! :)
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Wade Cleveland Oct 12
The Yarmouth Mariners are leading Truro 3-0, heading into the 3rd. Let's go boys!
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P!nk Lovers W.W.©#H2BH Oct 20
The grind🍇 from twowolveswine with .app ... Can you dig it?
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🥀Carm💋 Apr 27
Just gotta do what you gotta do!.
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Akosua Mar 21
At least the shower head never fails .
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Kirstin Elaine Martin aka Dorothy of Oz Jan 17
Replying to @SpeakerPelosi
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Groton Boys Varsity Hockey Jan 19
3-1 Groton Start of the 3rd
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Brady Schneider Dec 13
has motivated me to eat more grass fed beef to help end world hunger.
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Kim Browning Oct 3
Found a really cool spreadsheet for submitting. Yes. October begins the era once again.
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Jarvon Major Apr 1
Replying to @JakeOrion93
Right inguenial hernia. If you were in Nevada I would tell my surgeons information. I had a left. My surgery was the best thing that could have happened to me! I lost weight and I stopped smoking cigarettes.
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