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RT Aug 19
amusement park ride that looks like swirling swastikas shut down by embarrassed owner
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US-Botschaft Berlin Aug 17
Lithuanian President this week in : “Let's talk about expenditures. We do not want to lecture a country…but we emphasize solidarity within . There are not only rights, but also obligations of NATO members. These obligations must be fulfilled.”
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German Embassy Islamabad Aug 21
Our Ambassador visited the Children's Library Complex this week and read a tale to the kids. Great to see many girls studying at the library complex. Investing in education is the key! Also enjoyed the traditional music performed on a harmonium!
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Brave Aug 20
Today, for the sake of Imam Ali(a), my friends and I shared our happiness with my colleagues at the university and with people walking through the streets, by giving them chocolate and a card (with a message written inside) on the occasion of Eid Al-Ghadir.
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GermanLanguageCoach Aug 18
This year, only 2864 people in the UK took A Level German - yet German is still the top foreign language UK employers ask for. Those speaking German clearly garner a competitive advantage.
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Pal+ English 23h
The Palestinians calls to boycott three anti- clubs.
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World War II History Aug 18
soldiers fire the Panzerbüchse 41 heavy anti-tank rifle on an Sd.Kfz. 250/11 light armoured halftrack somewhere on the Eastern Front in September, 1943.
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Institute of National Remembrance Aug 19
On 19 August 1944 two assault groups from Gen. ’s captured Chambois and Mont Ormel ridge ("The Mace"), securing good firing and observation positions on the retreat route. The was about to close.
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Bambie_j Aug 19
Forget to mention..I'm looking for a sexy sugardaddies/ sugarboy even sugarmumm are welcome. I want to be spoiled😛😂😀💋
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Kein Wert Aug 21
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TheCable 24h
EXCLUSIVE: police identify four of ’s attackers via
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in : In 1964, the first 14 workers prepared by the Development Service fly off to . With the aim of helping people to themselves the were mainly , and .
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Leanna Woods Aug 19
Have we died and gone to heaven? No, we just did a and it’s over!
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Today In History Aug 18
18 Aug 1903: Karl allegedly flies his airplane . If true, it would be four months before the first flight of the brothers in Kitty Hawk, North .
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TOLOnews Aug 17
envoy in Kabul Peter Prügel condemns attack on Kabul ceremony and says it is more than a terror.
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HSNB Aug 16
The freelance journalist, visited us the other day. Thank you for this great work.
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jazz Aug 16
Y'all need a New baby lmk Mothafuckas adorable Shepherd Husky Pups
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in : In 1248, the of the starts. The building is Germany’s most visited and a monument of . It was also declared a World Site. 🇩🇪
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in : In 1949 the is elected for the first time as federal . The parliamentary group of / receives the most votes. Consequently, Konrad is elected as one month later. 🇩🇪
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