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GrumpyGrannie 16h
Replying to @CBCKatie
They knew it was a flat out lie, they also know it only has to be online for a few moments for their lies to be retweeted and go viral. So they post the lie, know they will get called out, remove it knowing it has already spread. That is what Con's do. 101
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Madge Minkus Sep 16
Mikey is literally my favorite female singer of all time. Ever. Go ahead and laugh. NOFG However, I believe she's a sociopath/narcissist 100%. For those who want to see a clear example of & manipulation at its finest, here you go
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🇺🇸🇺🇸princss6 CBC #TheUnconsciousOfCongress 13h
UBI is not the debt owed. Reparations is a debt that is owed...but again...none of your are saying UBI are Reparations BUT you just want us to settle for UBI instead of Reparations. .
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shruti Sep 15
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Coercive Control Sep 14
Understanding Coercive Control Part 23: Examples of Gaslighting What does GASLIGHTING look like in real life? We look at some examples. THREAD
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Rania Musa Sep 15
“Am I going crazy? Am I being too sensitive? Am I in the wrong?” Know the signs of gaslighting. via
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Sarah Devenney Sep 15
Replying to @SkuggaWolf
Narcissistic Megalomaniac. Would 💖 him to plug a business re-settling Liberals who crave a move to Bonn or Brussels! He’s here because he knows the UK can make or break the designs. Because our ‘little insignificant’ nation is in fact a key influencer 🇬🇧
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Keith Barber Sep 15
This is classic gas lighting. Pence takes credit for a law signed into effect by Obama. And the idiot Trumpers cheer wildly because they are so damned gullible as to believe the deception.
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Andrew Scheers (Parody) 18h
To be fair Katie, if we had to remove every tweet that we made that was inaccurate, false, , deceptive, manipulative or just outright lies, the would not have a presence.
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WideMindFierceHeart 🆘🚫#EthnicCleansingOfTheUSA🚫 8h
Replying to @wydmindfeersart
And then he called it "fake news", even though it happened on air. Later, he changed his story to say it was directed at the other guest. Never forget. is a FEATURE, NOT a bug of authoritarianism.
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Matt v The Gaslight 20h
AS is too good a fulcrum, to waste on real Anti-semites. Take , as proof.
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Laura Corbeth 🙏💫🦋 Sep 14
There is nothing more worse than manipulative people. They are cons. They lie. They lie with intention. Beware!!
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🏝 Kim Sherrell Sep 16
Replying to @RepMarkMeadows
When someone shows you they’re a propaganda-spewing cowardly liar, believe them. It’s a shame we can’t believe a word you say. : Gaslighting Old Predators ☠️ ⛽️💡
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A One Witch Show on the Toad🍀 12h
"Ill do anything for my son" "You wont call him" "I wont call your phone when you're acting like this" 🙃
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Carly Says Sep 15
Always had concerns about George Conway, has he been playing the ? Just sayin, Kellyanne is skilled machiavellian operative. Her beloved grandfather was a pillar in NJ/Philly/NY Mob, and she learned abilities at his knee. Russian mob owns .
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Herculean Sep 13
Replying to @AmyMek
It's all in the pages of The media, courts, judges and politicians are all using to confuse the masses.
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DeadbeatMad 10h
Invalidating your own feelings/thoughts/wants/needs for the CONVENIENCE of others.
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💧sue travers 🌱🌏 7h
An informative thread on by the PM Scott Morrison who just claimed credit for the
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narcissistabusevictims 4m
Following we often give ourselves a hard time for allowing it to happen, accept it, embrace the change that needs to happen and learn to and
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Susanne Robins 3h
Replying to @senatemajldr
And taking money from our military to build Trumps banity wall supports this notion how?
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