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Leigh 🐺🦂🌻 Nov 24
I've never liked Seema she's always came across as judgemental&patronising to me. How it went down with Lystra last was disgusting&Seema trying to back peddle says it all disgusting!
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Ali Anderson Nov 17
Delusional. Have they not heard of democracy, elections, choice of electorate for Holyrood, voting to Remain, rejecting the IMB........the list goes on.
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Dorothy (Dot) Anderson Nov 21
I guess hitting rock bottom so that there's no place left to go but up... can also be seen as an economic strategy ... sure.
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Coercive Control & Recovering From Trauma Nov 22
One of the reasons it’s so easy to gaslight is because manipulation can be made to sound reasonable.
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Alicia L Nov 23
Replying to @Shell_US
By starting to drill offshore in the Arctic?
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Genesis Anahi 🇲🇽 Nov 20
It’s crazy how my ex boyfriend’s ex wife of 12 yrs and I are literally best friends. Talk about a ✨trauma bond✨. Lmfao
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Julie Taylor-Lange 10h
Replying to @Mandoline_Blue
nailed it - and the continues
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The Crabby Empath Nov 19
Working on a podcast episode about to hopefully help you notice more of those
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New Horizons Therapy Services Nov 20
Replying to @DrChloeBeale
I hate the ‘I didn’t know I was doing it’ defence 😡 why don’t they get it...they still did it whether they knew/meant to/intended harm...they still did it! Ignorance is not a defence worst of all if it’s rehearsed ignorance!!
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Luba-Duba- HUG ME Nov 20
seems to play a trick on your psyche and memory, so in actuality it’s not based on fact but feeling. Which is valid, but the claimer of such gaslight could very much as well be in fact gas lighting based on its own definition
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Steve Nov 18
Replying to @BBCNews
Today's by our state broadcaster
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DelaMamaRESISTS🌊WearAMask🌊😷 Nov 20
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Lee Johnson Nov 21
yes DAMN right we do, he's been America for years and only the truly weak don't get it, who don't pay attention, who hate and only listen to one news program, easily swayed, well NO more we broke that bank.
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Christine Louis de C Nov 18
One would wonder how victims tolerate living with an abuser who is so intolerant & hostile. For healthy relationships, tolerating intolerance is neither acceptable nor possible, but for the victims of narcissistic abuse, it is vital for survival.
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Michele D Nov 21
Replying to @Roshan_Rinaldi
101 - accuse someone else of what you are actually doing.
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Jean-Pierre 🇪🇺#NoDealHasNoMandate #FBPE Nov 24
Is it me, or is the Festival of the epitome of ?
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TurnTexasBlue🕊 Nov 20
Wow. This is an incredible performance 🎭 HAS A NEW QUEEN!
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Michelle Mimna Nov 19
This angers me. While those pictured here are inspiring and talented, teaching is more that demonstrating. Did Bob Ross have essays to grade? Did Steve Irwin have different audiences on multiple days online and in person for whom to differentiate his “instruction”?
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Prof Kate Williams Nov 22
Replying to @KateWilliamsme
I wonder if in future, as royals continue to live in Crown properties, renovated by the Crown, collective amnesia / denial will descend about how society wildly attacked for doing the same. I think so, eg ‘Why did they leave? We were so NICE to them’
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BeevaloBill Nov 21
Replying to @McCormackJohn
has been the prime operating feature of the Trump Presidency. That Trump salts the Earth with deceit & deflation on his way out shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
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