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west.yorkshire.vaper Aug 21
Nice beautiful set of Specs 6x .4x.1 Ni80 2x 27g Ni80 frames Staggered with 36g Ni80 Fused with 38g Ni80 Have a great day everyone & 🔥💨☁️☁️ 😤Stay tuned for more😤 ♎Proud Member…
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west.yorkshire.vaper Jun 27
A super clean an tight set of Aliens series build in full Ni80 made with wire Specs 3x28g Ni80 cores with a 36g Ni80 Alien wrap 8wraps(…
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west.yorkshire.vaper Aug 13
Gotta love some sexy Specs 8x .4x.1 Ni80 ribbon 2x 26g Ni80 frames 36g Ni80 Alien wrap 5 wraps on a 3.5mm🆔 Ohms out ♎0.14♎ Have a great day everyone & 🔥💨☁️☁️ 😤Stay tuned for…
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