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geezus Jul 16
Hella late. Haven't called in. That's how much I care.
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KD 28m
All they do is patrol and plot to fuck up your day..
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JFlo11 21m
my new thing when someone says go back to go back where I came from... I’ll go back when you go back 😂😂😂
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Yaritza Gonzalez Jul 20
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FTP 19h
Product launches // Whether your product is the size of an aeroplane or as small as a microchip, we will help you find the best place to launch your product. FTP’s imagination and expertise knows no limits when it comes to highlighting the product.
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FTP 14h
Performing Arts // For many years we have been successfully organising travel for musical groups, and we can create a concert tour especially arranged to suit your group's specific needs and abilities.
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Jeep Jul 14
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Ryan Jul 20
Dillian Whyte beats all heavyweights easy
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Juan Carroll Jul 16
She is in good hands.
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Ryan Jul 18
Replying to @splbanter @GarryDougan
have u ever heard of anything like this before in you life ?
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scendo Jul 16
What's the best $uicideboy$ track?
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Tim Cheshire BSc (Hons) MCPod OSSM Dip Jul 18
Final assessment for the increases from 219 to 266 16months post representing 👌
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Colorado Corruption Control Center 9h
Replying to @pweiser @jaredpolis
! Cowards that are too afraid to arrest for felony bribery are useless parasites.
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cmr_29 Jul 15
The same females who say are the same exact ones who dress up as sexy police officers on Halloween.
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Angel🥀 Jul 13
Selling a beanie for $40. PayPal only.
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Your Tired And Your Poor Jul 18
Replying to @Standplaats_KRK
Now do all the other ones.
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Los Angeles Antifascist Bloc Jul 20
Replying to @LAAB213
The cop took down our banner but we were able to snap some pics.
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Kenneth L. McAfee Jul 20
Replying to @SylvesterTurner
I don't feel safe no matter how many officers you hire!! It's the short arm of the law that has me afraid!! Pulled over car searched and they stole my mustang with a lie. Nothing was found and I still went to jail just to be released 3 days later.
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wokezequatl Jul 19
next FTP Studies: Copwatch Vol. 2 Jail Solidarity & Court Watch Wednesday 7/31 7pm @ La Conxa
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Julian Jul 19
I support any and all trump slander on this app
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