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Mark Schultz 3h
When your manuscript is done, get a of proofreading your book at as a final check. The Hyper-Speller will get rid of the invisible spelling errors. What's in your book?
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nicola davey 15h
I guess from a patient safety perspective we could flip this a little - if we put learners at the front we can from their And those with more experience step in to teach and navigate when they struggle to find the right path
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Peter Baker Dec 10
This was me, the one with no experience in infosec. It's worked out.
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PatriciaPerpetua RMT Dec 4
"Appreciation come and goes, but I will ride with you"
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Sarah Gosling Dec 8
Through today’s reflection I’ve been imagining our art and mental image of Mary as she would really have been as a young Palestinian woman, so very different from our western lens
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Lynzi Dec 8
Replying to @HardballChris
Folks, isn't it long past time pass the baton? I mean really.
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