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Cake Card Sep 18
🎓WIN A GOOD LUCK AT UNI CAKE CARD WITH A UNI SURVIVAL SLICE 💜 A perfect surprise gift to send someone just starting university! For a chance to WIN, simply Follow Us and RT! Order via
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When the student loan drops VS the very next day
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Heads Together Sep 16
4 great tips from for anyone heading to University for 📲 It can be such an overwhelming time and if you need to talk, you can text 'Shout' to 85258 any time of day or night.
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Calling all students 📢 Bond with your new uni pals with a dress exclusively from collection for you & 2 friends! To enter follow , retweet & tag two friends you'd share the prize with 🙌
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What Next: Coventry? Sep 16
Statistics don't lie. It's our time to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Look out for WhatNext? this week at Coventry Fresher's Fair - it's time to make an impact.
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Lincolnshire Police Sep 17
People aren’t obliged to have a cup of tea because their partner is asking them to. Sound obvious? Apply this logic to sex and "Tea and consent" puts it best... © 2015 RockStarDinosaurPiratePrincess and Blue Seat Studios
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Plusnet Sep 16
Calling all students! We know calling home is hard when you're having so much fun, so we're here to lend a helping hand... Call your mum! (like this tweet and we’ll pop you a reminder on Friday)
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Lincolnshire Police Sep 16
If someone said yes to tea with milk they are not saying yes to tea with milk and five sugars. Obvious? Apply this logic to sex and © 2015 RockStarDinosaurPiratePrincess and Blue Seat Studios
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The Lions 3h
Tomorrow we are holding an introduction to rugby session on the grass pitches at 3:30pm. We are meeting up at the sports centre at 3:15pm. Later on in the day between 7-8pm we are also holding a touch rugby session, so grab some boots and join in
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Catriona Renton Sep 14
day one at trying to study. Can honestly say that this was the first time I’ve ever been thrown out of the library because it was closing. My first degree twenty ahem odd years ago was a totally different experience. And we have computers now! !!!!
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UOP Lib Dems Sep 18
Portsmouth YL and members from chatting to freshers. Loads of support for our stop brexit petition
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National Autistic Society Sep 17
Going to uni can be overwhelming for some autistic people. We spoke to Rose, a recent graduate, about her Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) application process, and Chloe, a DSA assessor, about her experience of working for the DSA:
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Kingston Police Sep 18
- Out on a date that's not as advertised? Need help and don't want to raise an alarm? Bars in our area know that when someone, anyone Asks for Angela to staff, it's a cry for assistance. Stay safe out on dates with Angela's help ➡️ for more tips!
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donegal · #nationaltaday
G-Man Sep 13
Me: Spending a £45 round on 7 people you don’t know during Bank: Why?
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Hannah Alderson Sep 16
Today is induction for most UG courses, so my Tuesday tip is to avoid comparing yourself academically to your peers. Don’t let loud voices and clever words worry you. You are here on merit too.
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GUQS - Glasgow Uni Quiz Society Sep 17
Look how happy our President Freya is! Do you know how much happier she would be if you came to the stall? Come by and find out!
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SafeSeshNewcastleUK Sep 18
if using crush-dab-wait. Start low, go slow. Test your drugs, not yourself. Know your dose, substance and interactions. Check or . Mixing with or can be dangerous. and
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First Draft Sep 16
check out our new training academy for journalists with hundreds of free resources for reporting in an age of disinformation covering: -Information disorder -Monitoring and newsgathering -Verification -Responsible reporting -Online safety
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UCD Labour Sep 16
We're all set up in the Freshers Tent in UCD. The only stall where you can Miggeldy and popcorn in perfect harmony! Drop by and say hello 😊🌹
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Shout UK Sep 16
The whirlwind of - finding your way around uni, meeting new people, clubs to join, parties to go to - can be an overwhelming experience. With many students starting uni over the coming weeks, we want to share some on ways to look after your
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