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HeatherCroson 6h
It's what you do in your free time that will either set you free, or enslave you. 🍃 . . Like if you agree! This is one important thing I'm working on this year. . . . .
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emilia palonen Jan 14
Replying to @wishcrys
Cheers! Waiting for the summer (with, conference in the southern hemisphere again...)! At this point it's about reclaiming space in the calendar for . It goes in reverse to the usual: We better start claiming free time instead of measuring work time?!
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Giovanny Leon Jan 14
You probably feel like you are SO BUSY, but expert demonstrates where you can squeeze in time for most to you Read 13 hidden pockets of daily you didn’t know you had & how to make the most of them ➡️
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HARI Jan 14
At ............. Urge to watch ...but there is no in my
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Pavel Morava Jan 11
⚡️ “... and amusing reading for all.” by
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Ronald Johnson 5h
Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Free Trial - Both Prime and non-Prime members can sign up for this 30 day free trial. - Customers can sign up for free trial on Android devices Fire devices.
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Fiona B. 8h
Officially found my favorite thing to do on my
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Emmy Zimmerman Jan 13
Sometimes, is best spent doing .
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Veloskitty Jan 14
There maybe a in today, but that's just the side people see. People forget all learning we do in our - I am catching up on journals and learned guidance says betablockers are no longer for anxiety. ?
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the Monkey formally known as Bud! Jan 11
Replying to @grandpaeddie69
Silly chart boy!! Who fucking cares? Win games,lose games! Some players score,some help... some don't! Some cause goals against ,some don't! Some goalies stink, some don't! It's all random all the time! However, all these things give the numbers nerds something to do.
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Denise Oakes Jan 8
Lovely to catch up with some friends for coffee this morning. Do you want more then look at and let us help you achieve it
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newhorizoncounsellingltd Jan 10
You know those days you unexpectedly have a free 30 minutes? Try to use them well. • It’s so easy for us to loose our looking at the same app on our phone over and over. • Try and use your time to sit and be, read a book, have a cuppa.
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@rozzryan Jan 6
Replying to @talfishman
Sure i love
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Chance Wood Jan 7
Yes I added 30 mins to my children’s to buy time to watch more game.
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Caroline Legg Jan 11
Actually have just under 2 hours all to myself... And no idea what to do 😂😂
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अभिनव झा ।। Abhinav Jha 15h
Replying to @rohini_sgh
Mrs. Gentle, how do u know google is a good platform even 4 morons??? journalists hv only issue is, they r free all the time.
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maTThew Jan 8
Badminton sesh with my bestfriend.
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xavier goodarzian Jan 14
Loving the look of right now 😘😘😍😍❤️❤️ @ Covent Garden London
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CS Virtual PA 15h
Just a couple of ideas on things you could outsource to a Virtual Assistant to free up more time for yourself to concentrate on your business.
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Steve Chase Jan 7
Replying to @AaronLemingNFL
My personal silver lining after last night? I'll spend FAR less time obsessing about football for the rest of the month. And in a few short months we'll have the to keep us entertained.
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