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Dixon Kuntz 13h
Replying to @volsgopguy
Fuck that soft shit. Give me some juicy titties
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Free Country Sep 20
SUNSET DREAMS.🌄Plush and cozy, the season’s warmest jackets are at your fingertips. Visit to discover more! 📸
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Jerry Morton Sep 19
Replying to @MrAndyNgo
Not a fan of Trudeau but do not think anyone should apologize for wearing colored faces!
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Summarizing US History Sep 12
Declaration was signed into effect today. Well done men! Thank you for making out country a better place for all of us.
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Reagan Ellis Sep 14
Nobody asked you Grayson😤😤
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Mark Cornick Sep 16
Doesn't matter how many times they say it, neither Fitz nor the Tantrums can make my hands clap.
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Mini Me Scheer Sep 13
...because I can... If it wasn’t allowed I’m sure the smart people of Twitter would have removed that capability.
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KenzieCo Sep 18
unless of course it is hurting a product that funds every politicians campaign.
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Free Country Sep 18
IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY TO . 🌿 Fall adventures are calling so don’t let the cooler temperatures stop you in your tracks. Our 🆕 fall fleeces keep you cozy for a day of fun. 📸megnesom
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@CockyJacobyBrissett Sep 13
Gotta love for his passion. Agree or disagree makes no difference. Don’t hate on the man for being true to what he believes.
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Chris Sep 15
Replying to @BernieSanders
telling people what they can and can't do with their property? Why don't you be a member of China or Russian government. At least there you won't have to change anything!
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Marc Sep 14
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Paul Hughes Sep 16
giving away my special edition AR-15 my camera is broke so i will have to describe it to u what it looks like; bump stock, no serial number and a whole lotta bullets, cant take away my guns liberals!
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tennis fan fan Sep 14
Less than four months from Vision 2020 and there are still Malaysians who can't afford to follow the simplest of road traffic rules
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BBY 🥶🥽 Sep 18
Replying to @jxrdiin
And I can say as I please
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Manikandan T Sep 16
A leader who shows the way, paves the way and keep going in the way to inspire millions. Proud to be a supporter and sir follower💪💪
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Fashion Refind Sep 19
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Nadine Hengen Sep 16
They did, they had a dry, wired-up place big enough for 140 journalists (massive for us) cameras & and 2 lecterns. Except for the odd student demo, we don’t really get protests here. Who knew the British immigrants would be protesting against their own PM
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Get Your Social On w/ Presley Don Mitchell Sep 14
Replying to @AbleLikes
F no they don't
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Scott Sep 16
If you don’t want to buy non-halal food, don’t bloody shop there!! 🙄
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