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NinaQ413 21m
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Replying to @FLOTUS
The Russian military.... should be an American. ..
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Stephanie 48m
Melania is evolving her look to resemble her sister-wife, Ivanka.., 's favorite wife. Or maybe she's angling for a spot on Fox News. Just in case this gig doesn't work out.
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Just Bob 8h
I thought went their to show off her new hair and do just that.
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Elise 6h
is transforming into Stifler’s mom
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LnTmomof5 18m
Dang, looks amazing in a wool cap!!! Talk about wearing it!
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Brenda Short 8h
A fav of mine & my Marine txks ur doing a grt job! Have alot of respect 4 u & ur family.
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Grand Wizard of Gammon 2h
A gift, that keeps on giving
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Alean 42m
I just want to point out then when was in public as she was dragged for standing by her man. -birther, goes on State TV, the day his former attorney is sentenced want to talk about her hair. We’ve come a long way.
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Murphnik 🇨🇦 50m
Regardless of my opinion of her choices (interpersonal, political, fashion, Christmas decorations, etc), is a striking woman. But this blond thing DOES. NOT. WORK. Ugh.
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Lavada 🗽 22h
Forever OUR .
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ak ott 2h
CNN on the latest poll "What's the reason for the big drop in her favorability rating?" "I think it's just that we are hearing more from her. She's actually saying things now." "Ok, well, let's see if she continues doing that then." Tales from the side.
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አክሊሉ ጴጥሮስ ፊታሞ 7h
Replying to @MSNBC
I think the other way around, ms
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High Plains Drifter 2h
Replying to @Lawrence
Someone who looks like a human grass snake and whose job is to rearrange the flotsam left by the day’s six preceding pundits shouldn’t cast aspersions on a successful immigrant who speaks five languages
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Brian 9h
Replying to @FLOTUS @DeptofDefense
Thank you for all that you do !
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Nasty Grabz 37m
Replying to @thedailybeast
is an *actual* gold digger.
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Melisa Doss Dec 5
Replying to @FLOTUS @WhiteHouse
Since becoming you have done such an amazing job turning the White House into a beautiful Christmas wonderland! Cant wait to see how you top it next year!
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Deplorable Bob 3h
How can anyone not be mesmerized by our wonderful . She is second to none before except perhaps for Dolly Madison.
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My granddaughter with the
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Crazy in Love web series Dec 12
A few years ago when Crazy in Love was in beta, we were lucky enough to get a few scripts into the hands of some pretty cool peeps. Here's a shot of a bestselling author reading the pilot episode to a classroom of children (i.e., young viewers).
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