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PoliticalCupid May 25
Replying to @AndrewScheer
Let’s see how the conservatives voted on - oh wait your party never sent it to a parliamentary vote. Then you locked in Canada for 31 years.
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Arthur Green May 26
That was who signed the with . It had nothing to do with the
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Cory W May 27
Remember that signed a 31 year Poison Pill agreement with called
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Arthur Green May 25
If we give notice to cancel tomorrow-the process to end the agreement would come to a close on May 27, 2051! Until then China would have access to all our natural resources!
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Gail Johnson Morris May 23
Replying to @gmbutts
Desperate attempt to manufacture new storyline by former PM Harper. blocked . Defunded and . Struck secret deal with that .
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Arthur Green May 27
can get out of its deal with . All it has to do is give them 31 years notice that it wants out! Both the and the want it though.
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Storm14nu May 25
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North Island - Powell River Greens May 26
Brenda Sayers went all the way to the Supreme Court regarding . This kind of deal where countries sell out their own citizens has got to stop. Just as allowing the Chinese gov't to own Cdn long-term care homes.
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L'il Jan On the Prairies (Indoors!) ✌❤🍁 May 26
Replying to @denisebatters
Remind the people how you , Batters, helped Harper sell Canada out and made it possible for Canada to be sued by China for that type of action.
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Unwilling member of the Donner Party May 27
Replying to @StephenPunwasi
Rule of Law meets Entitlement and Privilege. Going to now find out how much of Canada has been sold out to and how much Harper's screwed us. Funny she doesn't want to go to US easier to buy their legal system.
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Eleanor Grant May 25
Replying to @ElizabethMay
Eliz, I want to know what the consequences of Harper's 2014 or with China have been. Does it force us to stay in the tar sands business because of CNOOC's interest? Is there a requirement that we supply China with oil for 30 years? I heard these things at the time.
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Saeed "Wear Masks When Out" Khan May 26
Replying to @gtlem
O'Toole has stains all over him. That's why he's coming out so hard against China right now. Trying to bury that if he can amongst those who are wavering or aware. Need to bring that out into the open.
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Anshul Vishal 🇨🇦 May 27
You are talking about that was just ratified last year by ? Know your facts - yes it is difficult to be informed but its your job. I don't recall you standing up against the ratification last year...
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Christina (CCWWFoundation) May 24
Or the fact we are committed to being China's personal bread basket for the next 50 years thanks to the Plus our country granted China the right to sue us should we ever interfere with China's economic prosperity thanks to the
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Heidi May 27
Now Canadians should know that fear of revenge by China can't be the reason why there is no arrest nor criminal trial against Allen Chan, Sino-Forest CEO what was the reason🤔
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Cory W May 26
I bet you had no problem with giving away Canadian Rights to its land and minerals and sovereignty by way of the 31 year Poison Pill
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cdnpoliticalsatire May 24
Meanwhile Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy both TV/News personalities from the right wing. Both appointed to the senate by . In 2011 PM Whingy made partisan appointments to and CRTC. . PS never forget
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The Third Physical Distancer of the Apocalypse May 23
Replying to @PeterMacKay
Cool story bro, My gods you think we all are simpletons don't you.
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canadiansumac May 25
opposition was always attacking the for failure to pursue economic & other ties ( not visiting China ) with the Chinese govt -since no alternative action taken by the government since 2015 seems w China not a concern of parties in Parliament
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PoliticalCupid May 26
Replying to @PnPCBC @ErinOTooleMP
Oh look. Erin O’Toole was PROMOTING financial deals with China while in power 🤔 he said would give Canada certainty 🙄 and that the ‘P’ stands for Protection 😑 was he lying then or is he lying now?
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