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Reece Jun 10
ATTENTION ALL JUVENTUS FANS: Us Chelsea fans want Sarri to stay and you lot want Sarri nowhere near your club for disrespecting the fans. I kindly ask you to keep saying you don’t want him at your club so we can keep him and you get get Guardiola!
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Juventus' War 4h
A new has started at Juventus. Full support to Sarri and company, regardless of his past as -not classy- rival. Juventus comes first and decisions have been made. I’ll make my part.
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Rana Alkhalaf 1m
We need the champions League, dear Sarri !! Also, the juve fans got into the habit of always celebrating our victories !! 🖤✨ So get ready to be the manager of the best team ✨👑 All the best our old lady !!
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. 3h
Losing Eden and then Sarri this is comfortably the worst summer that Chelsea football club will ever have so I’m delighted to be upgrading my football fan subscription and supporting two fantastic new clubs that fit my goals and ambitions. 🇮🇹🇪🇸
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Hans Nicolussi Caviglia: My 11th season in this shirt, the most beautiful, the most enthralling, the most exciting, these colors have been part of me for so long, forever !!!" [Instagram]
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LUUUU10 3h
Juventus fans all complaining about how boring of a style max played and wanted him out. Now we get a chainsmoker that plays attractive futbol and there still not happy
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... ma si ricordi che adesso è alla . [this company has a DNA that makes the difference. here it works every day to improve.]
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Senko Jun 14
Replying to @juvefcdotcom
Love it! I still remember people posting a pic of Mickey Mouse hanging himself when Allegri was hired, minus the two CL losses, he turned out pretty darn great. Trust in the ownership, the organization, the team.
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Nicola Jun 8
Replying to @PepTeam
Come to Juventus
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gandring 1m
Agree, Buenvenuto Boss, be the best of you and bring our dream to reality
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Ty B 39m
I’m not very happy that Juve hired Maurizio Sarri, but I am excited to watch him blast down cigs on the sideline at Allianz en route to the 9th-straight Serie A title
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All JuveCast🎙(Alberto) 🏳️🏴 Jun 7
My wife will need convincing but this is pretty sweet! 👌🏻😁😂
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Siddharthan D.R Jun 7
Replying to @IndianRegista
I don’t like sarri to be our coach but in the end we should respect our new coach whoever may be it is let’s see will sarri’s tactics will help us to win champions league
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Mohamed Abdelnasser 4h
I like Sarri football , but I think he need to be more flexible and more aggressive to win in Juventus . But we will have to wait the new Transfers and let‘s hope for the best.
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Lucas DP 3h
The saga is finally over. Not a fan of this decision but we'll see what happens.
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Nicola Negro 4h
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Paul Clelland Jun 10
On our way to Turin! 🇮🇹🇨🇾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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Paul barreca (1 Barr Plumbing & Heating) 4h
Fantastic experience for Cristiano @ Juventus World Cup! Memories that will last him a lifetime, having fun is key to his development!😀👌🏼💪🏻👊🏻⚽️🇮🇹👏
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Ali Yasin 3h
Welcome to Juventus Sarri. Now, don't fuck it up.
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Jeff Lang 3h
Conte was the only manager available who could guarantee us the scudetto this season. Pep, , Deschamps, Pochettino and even Allegri would struggle against Contes Inter and an improved Napoli. We have a real fight on our hands. This is going to be fun! ⚪⚫👊
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