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Small Cap Jan 17
New Buy today 134p. Travelex issued encouraging news this afternoon about the Cyber attack. Expect a quick re-rating once this clears up -
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riddler Jan 20
would expect a formal update on Travelex via RNS seeig as though they did prompt updates when issue was found
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naim96 Jan 19
Replying to @Borg74
How about - anticipating a strong recovery there next week.
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Memphis Ryan Jan 20
Twitter has reached its expiration date.
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Noel Borg Jan 19
Replying to @naim_aim96
136.4 at the 8 ema & also at the Gap Down ceiling from the 8th Jan update on Cyber issue. Could be an attempt to fill the gap remember the three day rule in an RNS relating to negative news... How does the market react ...
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riddler Jan 19
simce the 11th Nov trading update amd then director buys there was the forced sell from the linked middle east investors THEN the cyber attack on Travel Ex This left FIN fallimg from £2.25p to £1.30p in just 5 weeks Hence why many are confident of a bounce
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Mistress Alya Jan 15
Not normally a 420 kinda gal, but I am today. Who’s going to cover my pick up costs? | findom paypig |
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Quirky Rides Jan 19
Oh my! How about this for our ? A 3 with a . So-called after Harrington of 🧐😍
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FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 8m
The 2020 FIN Kids Festival Tour Call for Entries is open! The Tour brings the FIN experience to school groups and communities across the Atlantic region every fall. If you have a youth-friendly festival film, submit here:
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ProfB Jan 21
Replying to @AntheaButler
Kanye is riding horses in MAGA churches, singing remixed gospel songs, and marshaling Trumpers. Biden's ad is a nice thing for me to show in class, but it's not going to get my students to vote for him
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AIMInvestor1978 Jan 17
Replying to @riddler_smitb
Made great gains looking to position next week 👌
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riddler Jan 17
Absolutely bottomed and ready Easy peasy
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Chartsworth Jan 20
Took an initial half-sized position in this morning. If it behaves as expected I'll add another half.
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Luna C Jan 20
Replying to @noradaexploraa
My name is Luna C and I ditto to this message...
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Princess Ally 🌹 Jan 19
Going to try to drop my sub off at the dog pound and see what the employees say / Findom
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Fatheya Gelleh Jan 15
I don’t believe the gov as it is now with its poor regulatory system is capable of delivering efficient payroll system. they have the know how & expertise to implement e-shilling. It’s a win for corporate & civil servants. tech#innovation
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Mom Folding Laundry Jan 20
Replying to @JenandZen
But I don’t, for one second, think everyone else on the planet loves the same things I love. And they don’t have to. I dont need to change everyone else to make them just like me. Because doing so IS “white supremacy.” And I want no part in it.
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Humanoide 🎸🇨🇱 5h
la religión es así: para el pobre: resignación, total, su reino, el de los desposeídos, no es de este mundo, bienaventurado sea para el rico: expiación, total, sea cual sea la cagá' que se mandó, con 3 padrenuestros y 3 avemarías salva
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The Scalper Jan 19
Why I believe there's a 30% trade here imo. What is even more enticing was the IPO was lowered due to poor market conditions at the time. Now this makes for a very cheap entry price..
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Farm_Innovation Jan 15
Due to a lack of recent methods, ideas, and equipment, agricultural outputs and productivity have been on a steady decline. We are here to bring the innovations to you. All you have to do is keep watching this space.
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