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Shoeless_and_Surrounded_by_Idiots 52m
Replying to @TheEconomist
Bet all the moms regret enjoying a break from morning sickness, for the joy of raising But, weed is all natural. Putting drugs in my system could never hurt my .
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Laurel M. Davila Sep 18
Replying to @laureldavilacpa
And scientists show us how crosses the placenta of pregnant women! I thought the GOP cared about the ?
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Bryan Kemper 🇺🇸 Apr 26
This is a real slide from an upper lever biology class comparing a fetus to a parasite. Here’s a science lesson: A parasite is an organism living on ANOTHER SPECIEIS. A is exactly that, HUMAN!
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Tom Folan Aug 7
Hi Beth, So...I perform the sonograms sometimes. I am the person who lets the patient know how their fetus is doing. I always use the term “fetus” I’ve found in addition to being factually correct, it also helps when some of the woman decide they need to abort.
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David Green RN Sep 30
Excellent, the inactivated protects the and the from flu and also provides with passive immunity to flu for the first few months of life. It is also a great example of the protecting
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Lynne Purcell May 15
Replying to @kurteichenwald
They do not discuss any scenarios like these. It’s also an when the dies within you, like what happened to me, yet your body does not expel it. Without surgery I would have died. ?
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Victoria Witching Hour Weinstein May 19
Just a series of screenshots of me responding to the typical male Christian worshiper. Feel free to use this wording when you’re too frustrated to be coherent (thread):
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𝒹𝒾𝒶𝓃ℯ Sep 15
happy birthday sa inyo🎉 HAHAHAHA
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Ositadimma Amakeze Apr 25
Replying to @OsitaAmakeze
the world? We felt a bit guilty because it seemed like murder. But they told us not to worry. According to them, what we were doing was merely taking out an unwanted , and not killing a child. Yet again, we accepted it, and got pacified. They said that we weren’t supposed
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Arlene Schindler Jun 25
Replying to @ChatByCC @FLOTUS
Meet everyone on planet earth please. She’s doing this now to take the stink off his recent rape charges. Are kids in cages not white enough for you to notice them?
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🦋lexi simmons 🦋 Jun 9
Pregnant and fine as hellllllllllll can’t wait to meet dis 😩🧢💙
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John Rodriguez 🐉🤙🏽 Apr 27
finally saw Amerigeddon special thanks to . So hilarious. Also cool to see the name in the credits
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heenatuh Apr 22
"After a when a is returned to Allah, Allah holds the child and carries it into a garden filled with other kids. He says, "Today your every need will be fulfilled, play in comfort, rest in peace, all the joys of Jannah are for you. To that the child replies,
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KevinJClifford Jul 10
Contrary to 's and , did not disregard Government's "compelling interest" in the , it acknowledged a personal to "privacy." The same Right blocking government-forced organ harvest.
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BeatlesFass Aug 3
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jawillie Jun 25
was a true First Lady and not a useless piece of arm candy consuming oxygen. But at least can say she was a PENTHOUSE centerfold.
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em. Apr 28
this time a year ago i was happy asf, pre me feeling myself🥴 been a minute🙃
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Petition for Luke to become the next Clark Kent lmao. If Ariel’s hair can be brown then Superman can be blonde😌✌️
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Cuzzin_Chuck_✊🏾 Jun 25
Replying to @FLOTUS
First Escort of the United States
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Sheriff Ali May 30
Replying to @sheriffali
Franklin Graham, White Evangelicals, Pro-Life Freaks, “If you care about the Fetus but not the Child,” you are a hypocritical Religious Fanatic, egregiously evil and morally bankrupt.
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