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hillbilly 1m
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The Boom Bap is Back 57m
What better way to start our Twitter lives than looking back at the Grandfather. Got some memories for you . The Fat Boys first studio album was released 34 years ago today. Still bumping that . Still loving that 80s beat
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🕊 Dec 13
• Mild wings please extra lemon pepper sprinkles just killed a light twenty piece.......
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!RiCarDoMooRinHo-Ho-Ho!! Dec 8
Scales tell me that this morning I'm officially the heaviest I've ever been in my life. 17 st 1 lb 😳 Think it's time to get my house in order. !!😭
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Cathy Grace 14h
There is NO WAY melanie "fears" for 's health.
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God’sBlackMan Dec 13
Just finished a great hour long power walk on the treadmill, now it’s time to go get donuts!!!
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Jonathan One Dec 16
Sum popeyes fried chicken at 4:30am
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Joe McClain Jr. Dec 15
Lemme say that with the grand opening of Theatre Box in San Diego last night was a success. Defnitely my new favorite chill spot in the city. Not to mention having the sugar factory in there. I shole left with two big PB and chocolate joints, lol.
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Dee Dec 14
My Lunch Never Makes It To Fxckin Lunch!
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Eddie from 138th Dec 15
Yooo doing werk
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MmMmmBlackLabel Dec 11
Replying to @bear_burlington
Go on a diet
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Kera 💋 Dec 13
My C2 fat self like bananas 😂
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⚫🅰️🅾️⚫ 14h
Replying to @ShayDawwg3
Absofreakinlutely! I was running out of options.
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Alton M. 20h
All I want is a box of donuts delivered to my house. ——-Gym hard tomorrow
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Keith Sandy Dec 13
lol stopped drinking so devoured the whole biscuit tin last night shake the flu like symptoms off then back out pounding the streets, or quite country lanes where I live
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Coach Ivey Dec 13
Words of Wisdom: If you are tired of that long distance relationship, just put the fridge in the bedroom 😮
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Craig James Dec 14
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Wow! What's your plan
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Cathy Grace Dec 14
I wish you would sue AKA for slander. We all should.
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Teega 19h
Had to give my fat boy motivation to crawl! 😂😂
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Cathy Grace Dec 11
Replying to @krassenstein
My hatred of knows no bounds.
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