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I Citizen 42m
How dangerous and irresponsible is it for our President and VP to announce their reelection campaign and also demonize any American who is not a supporter
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#MarchAgainstFascism 8-17-2019 #Global 2h
Replying to @johncatsjr
you are just a rich
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L. A. Goldenrod 2h
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Colette (C.L.R.) 17m
Financial reasons aside, doesn't care about what MbS did to because Trump has a few in the media he'd like to see go away permanently. DJT is a wannabe dictator who dreams of absolute power.
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Colette (C.L.R.) 4m
is an embarrassment 2 the ENTIRE human race! Seeing any minorities support this is akin 2 those upper class Jews in Germany who supported Hitler. They had NO idea what was coming or how they'd have 2 flee or die. Minorities wake-up! Trump 🚫 care abt u!
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Ryan Harmon 42m
Replying to @RyanHarmon93
PS BOOTLICKIN’ is for big crony Government swipes like you that our Founding Fathers told us to be aware REAL Americans trade freely in the spirit of β€˜76.
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Bad Language 31m
Replying to @BellSchmid
Don’t pity them. The seem absurd but they’re dangerous to our democracy. regime.
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Colette (C.L.R.) 10m
presidency IS a living nightmare! He & r destroying our right before our eyes. He's a & they don't care. They're anti-American & anti-Democracy! Americans must because GOP complicit by protecting him!
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ⓇⓅ 2h
By uttering their supreme leader's name a million times a day this sold-journalist from the BJP/RSS gang ended up adding his name as her second name. It is so funny that it's scary
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πŸ€žπŸ½πŸ™πŸ½ 13h
Replying to @joshtpm @POTUS
What kind of "leader" says stuff like this?
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#MarchAgainstFascism 8-17-2019 #Global Jun 18
If you attend the , then you are a .
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π•­π–Šπ–†π–—π–‰ 𝕭𝖗𝖔 16h
Replying to @rossiej67
They don’t want you either ...
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Christopher Tuckwood 21m
Replying to @RealSaavedra
Aside from the use of the phrase "never again," which may raise eyebrows, you are inferring a lot of things that she didn't actually say. Words like "" and "" do not only refer to the and Hitler / Nazis.
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Pieter Friedrich Jun 18
’s friendship with - while odd considering it developed between a 1-term congresswoman & prime minister of world’s 2nd largest country - is not the real problem. It’s the tip of the iceberg. The root of the problem goes far deeper to paramilitary.
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Yonni #PeoplesVote Wilson 22h
Take an hour to announce results - we can have Eddie Mair & Theo, instead of on
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IdaSessions 20h
Nearly All U.S. Visa Applicants Now Required To Submit 5-Year Social Media History via Nope, nothing going on here.
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Maureen Fitzsimmons Jun 16
Javid are a member of a party who are dictatorship
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Patriotic Pollyanna Jun 18
It is unconstitutional to prohibit the desecration of the flag; and if she were a *real* Conservative, she'd know that!!
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Paul Fisher Jun 15
Replying to @MPIainDS
On the left phot the face of a On the right photo the face of
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#MarchAgainstFascism 8-17-2019 #Global 3h
why can you not get with the reality of our situation and call what he is? A
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