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RinoXO 14h
Replying to @chixenman @thehill
You’re mad at the wrong guy. He pays the tax rates that TRUMP as imposed. Trump pays 0$ in taxes, why aren’t you upset about that ? Btw that Fox News host, Bret Baier, is worth 15mil, 10x more than Bernie.
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The0utlawBrand 4h
They will prolly fire desmond howard cause u know somebody gonna be offended and raise hell over that.....
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The Hamburglar 10h
Of course the all of the sudden “trash” review of boycotting something that pissed you off 😂 I’m 100% against killing elephants but I’m not gonna not eat a hunters club over it
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James Howlett Aug 14
Replying to @VeniceMase
He was insulted by our head coaching offer but he'll settle for being a Clipper assistant coach? .
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Brett Staeven Aug 6
Imagine being outraged because someone released public information
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🇺🇸❄️ Tracy ❄️🇺🇸 9h
Some people forget that whenever a Dem is in office, the deficit goes down. Every. Effin. Time. 😂😂 is a joke.
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Enrico Pallazzo 11h
As I go shopping this weekend, I never leave home home without my boycott sheet of companies they hate today. Oh shit, guess I can’t go shopping anymore since they are offended by everything!
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silversky545 13h
Replying to @InfiniteRhizome
Without hunting ... shit is far worse... that’s a unfortunate fact ... we don’t live in a Disney movie ...
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ABD1978 Jul 29
Replying to @TwitterMoments
is he the same Al Sharpton in this pic 👇?
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One Million Engineers Aug 22
Replying to @pastorlocke
Please elaborate! Oh wait... no facts or data... just
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Danielle Cashat Aug 11
Replying to @CNN
Where is the outrage when American families are broken up? When moms and dads get arrested and go to jail, leaving their kids behind? 👀 There isn’t any, because they broke the law. Same as this family. It’s sad for the girl of course but there are consequences.
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lilsuzy💙🌊🌊🌊🌊💙 4h
I’m not surprised but I am still horrified. If there’s any good that should come out of this nightmare, it’s revealing the liars & hypocrites the have become. It’s the most un-American behavior I’ve witnessed in my 57 years on this planet.
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Joshua D Byars Aug 4
It is so infuriating for you to ask the same question twice and then let completely off the hook. At no point in his rambling did he even get remotely close to answering how his measure would curtail handgun deaths.
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Bill Spadea Aug 12
Nice ...undocumented immigrants AKA illegal aliens are breaking the law. And last I checked even American citizens who break the law and are arrested aren't accompanied to lock up with their kids. Grow up and get a clue.
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CyberChick Aug 5
The Charlottesville Lie - Plainly put: ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the others spread a malicious lie that has poisoned our national dialogue. 🔍 Alpha News
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Gemini 👁Jones Aug 18
Niggas be up early on twitter just to be outraged ...about nothing
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Jeff Aug 7
Welcome to 2019 where quitting your $200+ monthly gym membership is considered activism..... we have it so rough
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Neil McIntosh 16h
Replying to @DrSirius
Newsflash!!!!!! They all feckin lie! Well at least the latest generation do. Tony B Liar even had it in his name for got sake. Code Brown, Cameroon, MayDayMay and now BoJo all lies so why the
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R O C H E L L E Aug 5
If you are only talking about the shootings in Chicago when domestic terrorism happens to try and show some sort of “concern”. Stop it. We all know it’s just another sad attempt on your part to exploit inner city violence and use it as political ammunition.
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Bob OHearn Aug 13
its gonna rain on him. Worst response possible
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