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Conservative🙏☝🐸🏀 Q TRUMP 2020 Pence 2024 24h
Murdoch's have changed Fox news! .
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Bhadrav Aug 18
Those questioning restrictions in J&K are not actually concerned development security of Kashmir TraitorS INC Gulam nabi Chidambram IAS babus Be Investigated For working pakastan spy ISI & Treason activity against India society
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Rafael Barboza O. 🐺 Aug 14
Replying to @charliekirk11
WON'T report this
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Billy Wilkinson Aug 16
A media person was very impressed when he heard me say "I think Nazi's are bad", but after talking to me and finding out that I am a conservative, decided that I didn't use enough emphasis on the word "bad" and that I used the word "think" instead of "know"...
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Donald Trump Aug 17
Don't believe pathetic lies. My people will have a full report on hacking within 210 days!
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Donald Trump Aug 16
Don't belive the , I love Blacks and they are big supporters of Trump!
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🤬 ᗩᘉᘜᖇᖻ |🇮🇳| ᗷᑘᕲᕲᕼᗩ🧘‍♂️ Aug 12
Replying to @AdMagic3 @RT_com
No. British propaganda is the main problem of this world! BBC leads the fake media houses which like to undermine other countries for their personal gain projecting itself as some sort of Noble country!
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Dave (DarthTourette) Aug 15
Wow really ? In the same news segment we get 1) Colin Kaepernick hating on America (bc a bad qb is relevant?) 2) Propoganda trying to normalize homosexuality in the animal kingdom 3) Women US soccer team whining (even though they earn at a higher % than men)
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Sh Hasnain 14h
Replying to @TahaSSiddiqui
I have seen alot of but it’s really a good time to spot another When 4 million population caged down under brutal, barbaric & extremists curfew don’t talk about dat Coz siddiqui sab feed lifafa & also feeding their children haram khao tay mazay urrao
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S.M Omair Saeed 7h
Leghari sb no one respects this racist bigot always talking & highlighting divisions. She is a fan. There is no such practice in Sindh or Pakistan generally maybe some ignorants do it however in India a dalit cannot eat or touch plates of Brahmin
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Tegan Jul 26
I only just saw Ah Kyo's IG caption 🙄 the thick skin to hashtag
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Conservative🙏☝🐸🏀 Q TRUMP 2020 Pence 2024 16h
Replying to @khwalz @Bellasarious
Leviaton, you need to be prayed for!!! Twisting truth!!!
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🌷 🌸 🌷 21h
Thank you so much🌹 much love & respect to SaudiArabia🇸🇦 for standing dignified above Congratulations to such fine leaders. And blessed scholars teaching truthhood, and honourable citizens smashing with facts
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Renn Strong 21h
Replying to @calcoasttimes
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RiceCzech 24h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Yeah, MC told us how you had him and others pump your numbers up to inflate your ego. HAHA! You are the
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Fight for whats right Aug 17
Democrat socialist media liberal sewage lie make Clinton's & Epstein hells angels pals pedophile Don Johnson & his Italian meth convict gay hooker TV extra 0 fights cloaca as pretend trump supporters
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@TelemaqueDenVe Aug 17
The is WRONG! It's not a , it's a VERY with Articles written By Straight Up 🤨. etc. etc.
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burg_us Aug 17
Wait - he was SHOT BY GUN VIOLENCE?! That insane! I thought I’d read that he was shot by knife violence! Must have been some leftist pub by the ...I’ll stop following that and start doin sum learnin’ from ur tweets!
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Hashim Maqbool Aug 17
“We are quiet but don’t misunderstand our silence as surrender,” says Altaf Ahmad, 38, a resident of Noorbagh in Sopore.They want us to react,it is a long battle ahead.”
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Anonymous Crime Aug 16
And you you were expecting it to be murder. Look what happened ten years ago is this what you suggest is normal justice. justice=themob.
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