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Riccardo Molinari Apr 23
📣 Insigne-Milan:
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ME 2m
Replying to @Riffkeen_ @NBCNews
He just hasn’t had hair transplants from his back end to his head end like the current “old” has done. Oh, and he doesn’t wear the same orange colored makeup 😂 No one should be that color or have hair that seems so for a man obsessed with
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LEKI Apr 23
When they say “support each other “ but then unfollow a couple days later like you ain’t going to know! GET OUTTA HERE 🤦🏽‍♂️👊🏾🤣
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💧Garry Lewis 19m
Replying to @drkerrynphelps
Dave happy for the photo op, but where is the liberal logo in all his posters.
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The Jungle 7h
who reported us
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clgreen34 38m
Replying to @KyleRichards
You know what breaks my heart is the amount of hypocrisy you have had this seasonStop saying you want her to stay and face things and move onbecause if that’s what you wanted you wouldn’t talk so much crap about LVP with your witchy-laugh
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Philip Creasey 14h
to all followers of this Twitter site ; please exercise a degree of caution towards this & their own web site. The owner and contributors may not be all they seem? news?
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Aditya Sadmek 3h
Only BJP IT CELL can do this. propaganda fake news
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Davey Jones Apr 23
Replying to @jaketapper @POTUS
snowflake has decreed it!
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Positive 10h
Replying to @TH3CrazyCatLady
You are very very very news
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Polluxdisclosure 3h
Replying to @Pontifex
You are such a . Sorry.
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Cat 3h
Don’t think Dorit genuinely knows who she is herself
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Kendra 8h
Emie really did that 😞😞
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Busty Rusty 21h
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Eric Cawyer 8h
now i know why i didnt follow anymore
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keylacyan 18h
All of these accounts sound the same! Ladies and gentlemen, keep your guard up! Don’t settle. There’s genuine daddies out there.
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Devin P. Apr 22
So Alexa makes fun of beckys near career ending injury and Nia gets a nickname out of it and thats ok ember tries to go all sjw for no reason to politic her way to get the title w Alexa. You and your legion are doing harm to the business. Your hypocracy is
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Parth Dahale 6h
please help me with those thumbnails 😂😂😂
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Robert Waddell 11h
because he's genuine about doing something about inequality & like his team, believes in what he says. because he's a , a , a , smug & willing to say & do anything to win.
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Viv 🦋 17h
I let Mari borrow my shark tale movie junior year and never got it back
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