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Petit Labrune Mar 22
Potentially 3 more weeks with this government? That gives enough time to waste yet another billion or two.
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Daniel Roper Mar 23
Replying to @mk1969
How about really see how things shouldn't be done?
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Andrew Adonis Mar 5
I'm at the Department of Transport calling on Chris Grayling to resign.
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Mark 17m
Shhhh....., Don’t tell he won’t like the idea of this going through while he’s trying to save his Maybot. Both these political twits won’t be pleased money has been spent in passengers and not on their business chums.
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Andy 24h
Replying to @jonnywoo34
for PM, Ps I am clearly joking.
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HopeDiesLast ❄️ 19h
Rumour has it that Chris Grayling has been tasked with telling Theresa May that she must see the Queen first thing on Monday morning to tender her resignation. Meanwhile somewhere in Surrey a rather bemused Brian May hangs up the phone...
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Tom McGoldrick 15h
Is there ?
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Outside The Marginals Mar 22
That is less good at spending public money than ?
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CrigCrag 20h
“dogmatic commitment to markets at all costs has delivered sub-standard services at inflated prices, and when they fail, as they often do, it’s the taxpayer who picks up the bill.“ inc. outsourcing of public services to private firms by
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barlaventoexp #exitbrexit 5h
Replying to @FraserNelson
would be 1000 times more acceptable! At least we know he b*ggers things up openly!
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barlaventoexp #exitbrexit 17h
Probably! !!!
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AreYouSure? #Brexitshambles, #Peoplesvote 24h
Lol olif Grayling is leading the charge, then May will be Tory leader for many years ahead. would be an awesome Tory leader, all other Torys that follow Failing would be further proof the party is finished. Bring it on!!
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Kevin Mulvaney 15h
Replying to @nickeardleybbc
If it's a ferry, I know just the man.
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Singe Livide 12h
Replying to @Steven_Swinford
All Johnny No Stars . Might as well have chucked in for a full house though?
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Mike W 🔶️ #PECS #FPHD Mar 12
Replying to @damocrat
Barry Gardiner is a new .
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Adrian Mourby 24h
Replying to @acgrayling
Meanwhile Chris Grayling dropped his calculator so isn’t sure how many were marching yesterday
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Bob Acer Mar 23
whats the odds on being seen at the hoping that people might warm to him
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Peter Higgins #FBPE (Follow Back Pro-EU) Mar 22
Replying to @sturdyAlex
🤣🤣🤣 Manu believe Raab is the real of the Tory Party!
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BitchAgainstBrexit #FBPE #TIGGER 9h
Replying to @jatroa @JohnRentoul
Nothing compared to the billions already spent on brexit and the trillions of pounds moved out of the country but hey. Don't forget how much money wastes £2.7bn.
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CrigCrag 21h
Replying to @CrigCragCroogie
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