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The New Kid (Amy) Jan 14
Replying to @CutestBoyInSP
Butters tried to kiss me
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CaseyMeredith Jan 15
Replying to @AshPLL12
So many ideas... you again
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Chris Scerri 1h
Sunday baking polenta chips! 🙈 @ Newcastle, New South Wales
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League of Pr1m3 Jan 18
My cash advice didnt come through for ya'll. Sorry! I'll try again for tomorrow
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OklaLeft 7h
The fact that I am able to agree with at all shows the huge shift in ’s political landscape in the era of ...
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traveller1 8h
I’ve had my card for many years. Sad to tweet they fail to support a fraud case recently filed. to protect card holders. is truly the worst as they can prevent gift card fraud but refuse to shut cards down that are stolen.
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Grateful Shakira 23h
Replying to @BonserBT @CNN
🤣🤣 It isn't debunked. Mueller said unspecified parts of the characterization of the article were inaccurate. Not the entire reporting.
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Lee Jan 15
Super disappointing to hear you are allowing infowars on your service. I had been a happy investor and user, not anymore.
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Jay Murphy Jan 18
Replying to @dmn_cowboys
The Rico Gathers experiment . Jar win & Swain are not terrible but they have to THROW THE BALL TO THEM LIKE OTHER TEAMS THROW TO THEIR TIGHT ENDS. SIMPLE!!!!
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Stephanie Vallee Jan 18
Looking forward to the day when millions of US citizens can say “You’re fired” to . He failed at the job he was elected to do and is unfit to be due to poor performance and illegal activities.
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Josh Hynes Jan 18
hey guys who’s idea was it to paint interior of Jozos white. Feels like a cafeteria. Terrible ambiance. It’s suppose to be a cozy apres bar.
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Jane 15h
Tried to shop on the as don't stock my 15 Year olds shoe size in store !
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CWP Jan 16
Replying to @GOP @VP @POTUS
GOP fools had 2 years to pass border funding, but and walked out of negotiations like a toddler!
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Jackie  🇬🇧 #StandUp4Brexit #YellowVestsUK Jan 18
Replying to @Andrew_Adonis
No thanks! Now run along and stop begging us
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JamHands 12h
After Obama loses reelection in 2012, will you Libs finally SHUT UP over your Utopian dream of progressive socialism?
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Mrs. Shepard 22h
Replying to @kynido @browland1
Right? I was trying to be sarcastic too 😂😂 😂😂
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Paula Ortiz Jan 14
When you fall in love with music and find out he is going to be Saturday, but then realize it’s sold out.
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Rama Rao 11h
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Susan Sheehan Jan 17
Great report on news about reducing meat intake and the link to climate change. Encouraging us all to eat more vegetables 👏🏻. Great report until they spoke to someone who runs a cooking school who said the public can’t cook without meat.
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OG Jan 15
you’ve created a great platform, however in the neighbors side you have . the pet post are out of hand and now you have neighbors bickering and arguing on posts because the constant, ridiculous, repetitive post in violation of user agreement.
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