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Christiansburg Primary School Oct 23
Happy 50th day of school from first grade!
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Crystal D.Dixon Jun 28
Replying to @kiraalex
Wait until you hit your 50's! 💣💥💣💥💣💥
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Laura Thomas May 20
Counting my blessings on my birthday! 🎂
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Amy Kramer Brenengen Mar 13
Let’s go MObama!! My squad is ready!! ❤️❤️❤️
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Valerie Chavez May 21
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Holodoc / Holocluck Jun 7
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shirley aguilera Dec 12
(Yaaas is Rocketring the Fab in ) Jennifer Lopez is on her road to the Oscars
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Dana Arcuri Dec 19
Replying to @knotsinmyhair
Older women are like fine wine. They get better through age.
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RaeK Oct 30
Happy birthday lovely, I turned 50 last month & it’s not as bad as it seems, lol!! 🎂
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Stephanie Hansen Feb 24
Replying to @spinsterprof
Omg me too and I m basically dead from the waste down lol
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FiftyAndFeisty Jul 7
Over-50 Women With Ridiculously Good Skin Share the Products They Swear By via
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Barbara Miller Apr 18
Replying to @MustinTJiller
I sneezed and threw my back out last week
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Wow... 8 years ago.. I Love Memories
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Pippa Mavian Jan 29
Replying to @Mio_Queenie
My daughter's in matric this year...that's pretty big, as she was only born the other day😯 . For me - The big 5.0. next year!
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Helen Gormley Jul 17
Good morning beautiful friends enjoy your wonderful day ♥️ a brand new day full of choices as to how you think, feel and be -being you xx
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Fallin Snyder Jan 11
Many amazing students have worked so hard to make the 2019 Mr. and Miss Grassfield Pageant a fabulous show! Come out on Saturday night to show your support!
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theGreaserandtheDoll Jun 5
Replying to @greaserNdoll
Do you have a special request like Sanne? Just send us a message and we’ll help you out!
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shirley aguilera Oct 25
Replying to @LoganJrChef
And the birthday beat goes on through the wknd 4me. My family is yet celebrating witme ochea
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Laura Gadson Feb 9
This is how an expensive brassiere earns its keep. Looking thinner and younger with every dollar! leonora.handmadegoods @ My Studio At the Gadson Gallery.
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