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Yesterday we spent a wonderful warm and breezy afternoon . A truly & & if you've never been. A must-go destination if in . Here…
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Erica Washington Jan 19
Replying to @killakole
Without exaggeration it’s the best show of all time. I’ve never seen characters who were so well developed. It’s a commentary on American life through the mafia’s approach to The American Dream. Yet the story manages to make many elements quintessential.
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Karthik Dinakar Jan 19
The ancient and glorious tradition that is Carnatic music, so intricately mathematical and so subtly profound. I've written quite a bit on Carnatic music and Bayesian statistics, but here's one using category theory!
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Marie (DePree) Bush Jan 19
Replying to @Sainsburyfree
😄 'Absolutely!' This content and also the amazing artwork for me!'
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Casey Koelblin 6h
I am 90% sure today’s surprise backyard landing, was a female . ❄️ Always have the Nikon ready! 📷🎞 💎
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Tom Smiley 10h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
A Beautiful Picture That Freezes Time Itself!!! One That Will Be Shown As An Iconic Expression To Many Generations!!!
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Andon Hristov 3h
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Nicola Bensley Jan 19
By Saul Leiter ... ❤️
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AyannasNaturals Jan 14
A combination of skin-loving, scrumptiously scented, green tea-infused floral body oils...also shop our natural body butters, floral bath salts, body scrubs and soaps... body…
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Jorge Luis Lopez Esq Jan 17
RT : "I want to lead the Victorian life, surrounded by clutter."
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#DeepCoach Alicia. Jan 17
As a Deep Coach, I support people in discovering their own behavior patterns and unconscious beliefs. The first principle my clients learn about, is called noticing. Noticing is NB, bc we cannot change what we don’t see and own. awareness. self worth🌺
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Edna 12h
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LASM Jan 15
begins the final week of "Selections from the Museum Collection: Honoring Carol S. Gikas." Closing on January 20, this exhibition of and is a selection of our outgoing Executive Director's favorite pieces.
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Caroline Hall Jan 16
Replying to @artistguy
You’re too good! Another portrait ❤️
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Hej! We provide , super while you feel good!
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TheCapitalList Jan 18
Sushi Social at Barfly by Buddha Bar, every Sunday An exquisite culinary dining experience in the evening with a spread of colourful Sushi on the buffet paired with unlimited selected house beverages and energy in the room All details:
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Zipaktli illAgator Jan 16
Replying to @Fatherbeard_
🤣🤣🤣😂😂 omg!!! Must try...😎🐊
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🧸 Jan 11
Currently listening to Blue Chips 7000, info in the back sleepin. Banks at driver wheel.
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D'Angelo Couture Jan 12
I am obsessed with this new veil!
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iHeart Deliveries Jan 19
Enjoy from Ernest's Orleans Restaurant in the comfort of your home! Let iHeart Deliveries bring this straight to your door! We make Life easier for you!
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