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junesim63 Aug 1
Replying to @Peston @RishiSunak
The 3m know only too well who he is. So do the millions more about to be made redundant due to changes today. And the millions of working families in poverty because of the austerity policies he voted for & helped push through. He's NOT our friend.
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IPSE 23h
IPSE has described the government response to the Treasury Select Committee () report about gaps in support (), as “deeply disappointing” and that groups have "suffered enough" during these difficult times.
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Gary D 3h
Replying to @RishiSunak
More than 3 million People excluded from financial supprt. More than 3 million gearing up for a 2nd wave and lockdown. More than 3 million trying to cope with this pandemic alone and the health straignts also. Thanks for 1/2 price meal
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Michael Lewis, Socialist🌹Vive la résistance ✊🏻 Jul 30
UK jobs data 30-07-2020 Jobs & apprenticeships: • at risk 12,375,806 • planned 1,924,437 • saved 666,030 • furloughed 9,500,000 Self-Employed supported 2,700,000 June unemployment claimants 2,600,000 from support by & 5,300,000
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Sue Leckonby Aug 1
house and I’m actually starting to resent people that weren’t excluded. I know this is not normal behaviour as I know it is the fault of but I feel so bitter. This is really messing with the mental health of me and my husband.
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Jenny Aug 1
today marks my 142nd day since I last worked 142 days no wage my voice will be heard
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Hayley Potts Aug 1
some people of are fragile and feel there is no other way out then to not be here any longer!Why are you not challenging the government.People should not be feeling this way. Step up as some of your colleagues have for the
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Claire Rose Aug 1
Replying to @RishiSunak @SouthCambs
I’m doing all I can to stand by my workers. But with £0 assistance (personally) and a reduction in 90% of income for the business, plus from any business grant in , it’s looking more unlikely there will be no work to return to. .
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Crackin Toast 16h
Julie changed her job over a weekend, why on earth have you her? Can you help
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Russ Appleby 16h
Dear I’m not going to just vanish. 4 & half months excluded. .
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Crackin Toast 18h
Thank you for your support for the . I can send you 22 graphics representing the 22 categories of the just like these. DM me
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Dead Weight - Too complicated Jul 31
You don’t stand by us as the so why should anyone trust your word? You also said no one would be left behind and that we were in this together. We haven’t had any income now for 4 months.
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Clive “The Scarecrow” Saunders Jul 26
If every one of the 3million people you are ignoring stood, socially-distanced, in a square formation, this is the area you would need.
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Hayley Potts Jul 31
Replying to @Keir_Starmer
My home town of Plymouth here I see. I’m one of the millions of will you be pledging to help us get assistance from the treasury so we can live or will you continue to be as ignorant to the fact as you have been so far? You have the chance to make a difference
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James Frederick Jul 29
It is an absolute certainty that I will never vote for again. have treated hardworking, taxpaying appallingly. Many many millions of votes will be lost to your party because of your discrimination.
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Daniella Gorman Jul 26
My daughter has a lip tie. She’s 20 weeks I have only just found this out. I couldn’t breastfeed properly. I felt like I failed as a mother. If only I had help and support from Health visitors.
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Crackin Toast 15h
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cocamax 16h
needs to be held to account regarding the three million taxpayers that it's from all Covid support schemes. We're drowning. Help!
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Amanda Greenwood 16h
has purposefully excluded 3 million taxpayers from meaningful support - the economy needs us to recover we need your help
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Jenny Jul 25
today marks my 135th day since I last worked 135 days since I was left behind
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